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How to Incorporate Matte Finish Jewellery into Your Wholesale Collection

How to Incorporate Matte Finish Jewellery into Your Wholesale Collection

June 13, 2024

Are you looking forward to adding chic matte finish jewelry wholesale to your collection, or maybe today, you're eager to ponder how to move such a fashionable look into your current line-up? Many wholesalers and retailers are contemplating looking right now with the increasing popularity of matte finishes for jewellery.

This matte finish is a nice break from the high-shine pieces. Such understated sophistication and oomph-laden matte finish jewelry wholesale adds a new appeal to your collection and will draw an entirely new clientele.

'Matte' finishes rose to popularity in the first place because, unlike their glossy counterparts that tend to be overly blingy and formal, matte jewellery sports a very subtle, almost velvety appearance that works beautifully with casual and dressy attire. With this effortlessly cool style, today's fashion-conscious consumers are, thus, appealed to instinctively.

Incorporating matte finish jewelry wholesale with price options from Kanhai Jewels, a reliable manufacturer, can attract a wide range of customers looking for sophisticated yet affordable pieces.

So, without further ado, let's explore some top ways to bring this trend into your wholesale items.

Start with Your Statement Pieces

The next big thing is to start stocking up on chunky and bold oversized cuffs and statement necklaces or even statement rings since matte finishes have only a few characteristics, making them a very chic and modern look. The effect of these eye-catching pieces can create a spark when paired with almost any outfit, making it a beautiful way to introduce the matte trend to customers.

Play With Mixed Finishes

Combine matte and shiny finishes in a single piece instead of sticking to just one. This mix can create a visually playful and surprising effect. For example:

  • Try a matte chain necklace with a shiny, polished pendant.
  • Consider a matte ring with a sparkling solitaire.
  • Experiment with earrings that feature both matte and glossy elements.
  • Offer bracelets with alternating matte and shiny links.

It adds a unique and sophisticated touch to your collection, appealing to customers looking for something special and unique.

Add Some Variation with Metals

As stunning as matte finish jewellery looks in traditional metals like silver or yellow gold, don't overlook the beauty in metals like rose gold, stainless steel, or even gunmetal. A matte finish can give a design a modern and up-to-date feel.

Consider the Unconventional

Step out of the apparent metals and consider matte finish jewelry wholesale with price points that include unconventional materials like ceramic, concrete, or even wood. These odd materials bring depth and texture into your range and sometimes give you the edge others crave over the competition.

Cater to Different Price Points

Not all your customers can afford expensive pieces. Offer a range of matte finish jewelry wholesale options, from budget-friendly pieces for college students to high-end luxury items for more affluent buyers.

Done with Lifestyle Settings

Before presenting the wholesale alternatives, display this jewellery in lifestyle settings. These settings bring out the versatility and wearability of the products. Style matte finish pieces alone, or pair them with other matte accessories, such as handbags or shoes.

Tell the Story of Matte

Matte finishes often have quite an interesting story behind them. From artisan techniques to get the look just right to cultural influences that inspired the design, there's a potent selling tool in telling that story that forms customer connections and creates infinitely more value around your matte finish jewelry wholesale goods. 


By following these strategies, retailers can improve the customer experience and build a cohesive story around your matte finish jewellery wholesale collection. Remember, the goal is to showcase matte finishes as a stylish, modern, and practical choice that fits perfectly into your customers' lifestyles and fashion tastes.

With a carefully chosen selection and intelligent marketing, you can become the go-to source for trendsetting matte finish jewelry wholesale with price options that appeal to an extensive range of tastes and budgets. Partnering with trusted suppliers like Kanhai Jewels ensures you provide quality pieces that your customers will love.