Jewellery Trends to watch for in 2023

April 01, 2023

If you are no happier with the dressing style you are wearing currently, it is the right time to offer your wardrobe an update. With clothing, it is necessary that you update your jewellery also to keep to vibe enjoyable and happy. The year 2023 is about combination fashion. For some, it is the sparkle that unleashes your smile. On the other hand, you might be a minimalist person for whom being subtle is the best option.

So, there is no such specific style that you need to match up with. Of course, options such as a fancy necklace are something that everyone will love to have for some or other occasions. But there are still distinct tastes and so there are different jewellery trends that you can actually witness in the year 2023.

Here we have summed up a number of jewellery trends that you may come up with in the year 2023 or even might be wearing at the moment.

Vintage Design Jhumkas Online

There is a saying that trends often repeat themselves. This can be definitely noticed in the case of jewellery designs. Vintage design jewellery is antique jewellery that may have got passed down through your ancestors. Such jewellery is not just all about fashion but also they carry emotion with them. When a grandmother gifts her Kundan jhumka or a layered necklace set to her granddaughter, it is not just a piece of an expensive gift but also it is her blessing.

Vintage jewellery allows us to stay connected to our roots and remember our age-old generations through the pieces. This is one of the very common reasons why vintage jewellery will never go out of fashion.

Today, there are many designers who recreate the designs of old jewellery forms to come up with vintage designs. Such jewellery options are usually expensive because of their endless value. But if you wish to get vintage jewellery at an affordable cost, you can get a replica in the form of imitation jewellery for sure.

Minimalism is the new rule

The pandemic has not just motivated people to live a healthy life but also offered the mantra of, ‘less is more’ to deal with the scarcity of food, medicines, and money. But many people have got so much benefitted with this formula that they have also applied it to many other areas of life such as fashion. In place of grand celebrations, such people now stick to small get-togethers and in place of royal jewellery options, many women with such thoughts have shifted to minimalistic jewellery designs such as a fancy necklace that is simple to look at.

Working ladies already have favouritism towards options such as small ear studs not just for the office but also for other events. But lately, even many non-working women have also started shopping for options such as small statement jhumkas online in place of the huge ones.

Lately, the hashtag #nonecklacetrend has attracted as many as 4 million views on the famous platform TikTok. But if you are someone who cannot step out of the house without any type of ornament on your body, then you can surely opt for the minimalist jewellery options such as a thin chain that looks translucent or an extremely thin finger ring that matches with your skin shade.

Transformative Jewellery

Recently, transformative jewellery has become extremely famous for the simple reason that you can get many variants of the same jewellery. This saves space in your cupboard as well as it also helps in saving money. There are several options available today such as a layered necklace set in which you can either wear all of them in one go or can wear different layers accordingly. Of course, there are some layered necklaces in which you cannot separate the layers while in others you can separate the layers to wear them on different occasions.

Similar to necklaces, there are now transformative earrings that come with ear tikkas or ear chains and you can wear them according to the purpose and occasion. Also, there are options for adjustable finger rings available that are not customized to a particular size. The ring is open at one point so that anyone can wear the ring, irrespective of finger size.

Silhouettes and Colours

You will come across several jewellery options today that have colours embedded in them. For example, if you are wearing Kundan jewellery, you can get options in which you can get colours of semi-precious stones such as topaz, jade, and others. Even if you are getting options such as American Diamond jewellery, you can get crystals of different colours so that you can get the right one depending upon the occasion for which you are buying the jewellery.

You can get colours in almost all types of jewellery categories such as earrings, fancy necklace pieces, bangles, finger rings, bracelets, and many others.

Also, the introduction of colour pops has also introduced kid-friendly jewellery options to the era. Such jewellery options are highly attractive and add an eclectic look to your kids as well as to you.

The Internal Glory of Pearls

Similar to vintage jewellery, the trend of pearls is also never set. While pearls are not shiny in texture but they can offer a great look when combined with options such as gold and diamond to create options such as a fancy necklace. Recently, delicate pearl jewellery has been a great trend and is high in demand. These jewellery options offer a subtle and elegant look when you dress up in the right dress.

Also, with changing style, the style and look of the pearl are also getting a makeover to make it look better than in the past. Many designers are opting for different shapes of pearls in place of the usual ones. Geometric shapes or unusual one makes the pearl look stand out and the jewellery made out of it is much more unique.

Break the Rule

If you are daring enough to try maximalist options, then you should not be scared of breaking the rules of jewellery. In place of sticking to a particular jewellery option such as pearl or gold, you can combine different styles and designs together to get the look that you wish to have. For example, while you are wearing a layered necklace set made up of Kundan design, you can opt for rose gold bangles and pearl kada to match up with your light pink lehenga for your special day.

When you are on the track to experimenting, limits are nothing for you. You just need to make the right choices and you get perfectly decked up to attract a lot of eyes toward you.

Statement Jewellery

Another trend that you cannot ignore is that of statement jewellery, especially in the case of silver and oxidized jewellery options. Designers get inspired by different elements in the nature such as floral textures, animals, birds, and many others to get jewellery that offers a unique look to you. When you are opting for a casual outfit, you can always go for such statement jewellery options to get a look that is different from others.

Not just with casual wear, today you can try out statement jewellery even with formal and ethnic attire, depending upon what you are putting your hands on.

Wearing jewellery is a completely personalized choice. Though there are several trends that rule different time periods, there are many people who go against the trend to create new trends. The above are some of the trends that may last in the year 2023 but it is always a priority to pick up jewellery in which you find yourself comfortable. For example, when you are buying jhumkas online, you should decide upon the designs based on your taste and the occasion you are buying the jhumkas for.