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Latest Fashion & Jewellery Trend for Navratri

April 01, 2023

While today’s life has become quite toiling, festivals are the perfect excuse for you to get a break and rejuvenate.

Celebrated in different parts of the country under different names and styles, Navratri always remains one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Whether it is about fasting for nine days of Navratri or enjoying the days with fun and fiesta, decking fabulously, or even impromptu shopping sprees, Navratri presents the perfect opportunities for you. If you are looking for some best-in-class oxidised jewellery, oxidised jewellery wholesale online is your best bet!

Festivals in India are not just about gatherings but also about showcasing traditional fashion. When it is about traditional fashion, jewellery plays an eminent role among Indian women. So, if you are looking for options to style up this Navratri with oxidised jewellery online, here are the top Navratri trends.

The Cultural Look

As mentioned earlier, Navratri is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. This is the festival when most people prefer to embrace their cultural rituals and practices, even in terms of fashion. When you visit Gujarat during Navratri, you will find most men and women in colourful traditional dresses such as chaniya choli accompanied with heavy traditional jewellery, such as unique oxidised earrings, choker necklaces oxidised, oxidised necklaces, silver oxidised bangles, and more. 

Today the event of Garba during Navratri is not limited to Gujarat; rather, different cities organise different events, and thus, such traditional dressing is trending. If you are planning to dress up in traditional chaniya choli for a Garba event, you should also deck yourself up with some of the matching jewellery accessories such as oxidised nose pieces, oxidised finger rings, oxidised mangalsutra, maang tika, armlets, and Kada bangles.

Similarly, different states have their own cultural dressing style, such as the saree look of West Bengal during the Durga Puja. The saree is considered to be one such attire that enhances the beauty of the woman. So, not just in West Bengal, women in different parts of the country go for saree during the auspicious days of Navratri. Complementing the saree with the right kind of jewellery becomes the biggest challenge in such a case.

Most women do not wish to wear heavy gold jewellery now, in contrast to the women in the past. But gold jewellery suits any saree in the most amazing way. Thus, the latest trend is to wear gold-plated artificial jewellery that is light in weight and offers you a look of gold jewellery along with your saree.

If you are looking to stand out, this Navratri, oxidised bangles, oxidised necklaces, contemporary nose pieces, and an oxidised payal can be your ultimate ensemble.

The Craze for Chand Bali

You must have noticed how the market is recently flooded to chand balis. It is mainly a round, and heavy earring made up of oxidised materials. If you are not into too much makeup and do not wish to put up a heavy dress, these earrings can surely offer you a cover-up. You will find extravagant collections of these from top-notch oxidised jewellery manufacturers online and offline alike.

Fashion is all about tricks. It is not necessary that you have to put up all the jewellery options each time to look your best. Today, it is time for minimalistic fashion, and oxidised chand balis are the perfect option in such a case. These huge earrings will offer you a perfect look if you do not wish to wear other heavy jewellery options.

Thinking whether these chand earrings will suit your look or not? Well, there are so many options available today in this section, such as antique oxidised earrings, chand earrings with colour pearls or gemstones, and many others. So, you can choose from a wide range of options to get ready for Navratri.

Try out Choker Oxidised Necklace

Just like the chand balis, the choker oxidised necklace has also been quite popular since last year. This trending fashion piece has successfully taken the place of the usual heavy necklaces that women have been wearing till now. While this piece of jewellery has become a favourite, it is important to understand that you should check out once whether the choker style is actually suiting you or not. Usually, choker necklaces, especially oxidised ones, are best suited for women who have long necks.

But as these oxidised necklaces are liked quite much by almost all women today, these are now available in different options. You can get choker necklaces in the form of gemstones, plain gold, and a host of oxidised designs so that you can get the one that suits your look and dress, as well as the occasion for which you are getting ready.

Oxidised Bangles & Bracelets

If you do not wish to be old school, another great trend that you can try out this Navratri is replacing your bangles with bracelets or oxidised bangles. Indian women are quite fascinated with bangles of different materials and patterns. But sometimes, managing bangles can get quite tiresome and confusing. If you are someone who does not wish to invest too much time in managing bangles, then you should definitely try the oxidised silver bangles. These are not only low-maintenance but also are apt for all occasions. Classic, traditionally trendy, or modern, whatever look you are aiming for, oxidised bangles can serve the purpose. 

Bracelets of gold and silver, as well as many other artificial materials, are quite trending this Navratri. You can match up these bracelets with your traditional as well as your casual attire. Similar to a choker necklace, you will get several trending options in bracelets this Navratri season. Just choose the right one, and you are all sorted in a minimalistic way.

The Charm of Waistbands

There are so many times when old fashion returns to become today’s latest trend. This is the case with waistbands too. You must have noticed such waistbands in South Indian weddings where the bride wears the bands over their saree. Apart from South Indian weddings, waistbands are known to be an eminent part of many other cultures in the country. While waistbands are a part of traditional jewellery, it has also become a fashion trend today. Women love wearing waistbands today, not just over saree but also over various other dresses such as lehengas and gowns. There are some girls who love to wear such waistbands over their western wear for different occasions.

Waistbands of different patterns and materials are trending for this Navratri. The most common ones are gemstones and rhinestones. Apart from the common stone styling, the pearl waistbands are also quite trending this Navratri.

Do you wish to have an attractive look at this Navratri for the Garba session? Try out the waistbands with a mirror look over your lehenga. Even if you are wearing simple attire, the mirror-finish waistbands will catch the attention of the people around you.

Colourful Gemstones for the Nine Days

Navratri is also associated with nine different colours that have different meanings. People who have faith in this fact wear clothes and accessories of colours that are associated with that particular day of Navratri. For example, the very first day of Navratri is devoted to Devi Shailputri, who is known for peace, and so the colour for this first day is white.

Add a new styling to your fashion by wearing different coloured gemstone jewellery for all nine days of Navratri this year. Gemstones are available in so many different colours today, such as yellow, green, red, blue, and many others. Also, these gemstone jewellery options are available in sets of unique oxidised earrings, oxidised necklaces, and even maang tika to offer you a complete look for the day. If you have a fascination for bracelets, you can even get bracelets with these colourful gemstones on them.

Why choose a single colour when you can have all of them together? You can always get options such as choker necklaces with multiple coloured gemstones on them. These jewellery items are perfect for all dresses when you are not sure of which jewellery to match up with which dress. Also, this is a trending idea for Navratri. Deck up with such jewellery for your Garba night with your simplest dress to get the right look without much effort.

Antique Jewellery

Lastly, the antique jewellery option is something that has been there for years, and they are still trending. If you already have some of the antique jewellery items available in your jewellery box, you can definitely use them up this year for your Navratri. You can match up these oxidised jewellery online items with your lehenga for the Garba event or also with your saree for the aarti. Just get your hands on the right item, and you are all set to go.

Of course, you can try out the antique jewellery options that are available in the latest design and styles. Check out the best jewellery store options to get the best antique jewellery pieces that suit your personality and your look for Navratri.

Navratri is just a few days away, and you must be preparing yourself for the occasion. While you must be getting confused about your fashion statement, this list is definitely going to help you out in getting some of the best Navratri trends. Check out the options and get the right one that suits your taste. There are so many amazing ideas that are trending for this Navratri, among which the above-mentioned are some of the trendiest ones. Choose the right styling for you with the oxidised jewellery wholesale online and deck up yourself with the best fashion trend for Navratri.