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Order Wholesale Western Jewelry for Your Business to Sell

March 23, 2023

We feel incomplete when we are not garnishing our outfits with jewellery, isn't it? This is one common thing that women around the world feel, and this has kept different types of jewellery always in fashion demand.

Most women prefer to wear traditional jewellery, especially on special occasions such as weddings. It reflects the culture and tradition of a particular region. But with time, the jewellery fashion trend has also transformed, bringing western jewellery into demand.

While Indian jewellery and western jewellery both have common wearing options, such as earrings, necklaces, nose rings, anklets, bracelets, and others, there are still some factors based on which both can be differentiated from each other.

How is Western jewellery different from Indian jewellery?

Currently, we can notice a smooth shift from traditional Indian jewellery to western jewellery, especially among the youngsters and teenagers of the country. Here are some factors based on which one can differentiate western jewellery from Indian jewellery.

The Design:

The very first thing that can be noticed in both the jewellery options is design. Indian jewellery is more about tradition and a royal look. Such jewellery is mostly huge in size and also can be heavy at times with excellent royal craftsmanship work on them. Today, when many women prefer to get smaller jewellery options for daily wear, these small earrings or pendants also come with such work to make them stand out from other jewellery designs.

On the other hand, western jewellery is not about royalty; rather, it is more about elegance. Western jewellery is mainly designed around elegant and classy designs, such as a snowflake or a star, that are simple to look at but classy.

The Colour:

While most Indian jewellery is made up of pure gold, if you are looking for options such as kundan, you can see a range of vibrant colour options. Red and green are the most commonly used colours in Indian jewellery.

But when you are buying western jewellery, you will find a lack of vibrancy. Western jewellery uses pastel colours and mostly white colour. This is because western jewellery designers make use of crystals for sophistication.

Preference and Priorities:

One essential factor is the priority of particular jewellery for both cultures. For example, wearing a big and heavy nose ring is a priority and custom in Indian weddings. But such nose rings are mandatory in western culture. Similarly, mang tika is not a part of western culture, unlike Indian jewellery.

But these days, many western women choose to wear Indian jewellery styles such as a nose pin because they love to do so.

Thus, there are several ways in which western jewellery is different from Indian jewellery. Today, India also has a huge market for western jewellery, which has led to options such as western jewellery online.

Why is Western jewellery so much in demand?

Nothing can match the glory and elegance of Indian jewellery. But lately, western jewellery is also grasping the fashion market in India. While there are various reasons for this elevated demand, one of the most common ones is the price factor.

When an average middle-class individual thinks of buying traditional gold jewellery, the calculations already start in the back of their mind. While some people save for several months to buy jewellery, there are other individuals who may even buy it on an instalment basis. But this is not the case when you are buying western jewellery. Such jewellery may not be made up of precious metal or stones always, so you can afford them most of the time. For example, the affordability of an artificial necklace will always be more than an original gold necklace.

Another major factor is the fashion trend. Today, most girls prefer to wear casual and western outfits for offices, outings, or even parties. While matching Indian jewellery with a western outfit is a trend today, still today many girls prefer to play safe by matching western jewellery with their western outfits.

Why Should You Sell Western Jewellery?

If you are in the business of western fashion, such as western clothing and accessories, ignoring the potentiality of western jewellery can be a big mistake. When the popularity of western jewellery has taken a leap, it is always a good idea to start thinking about this side business, too, along with your western wear business.

Generally, storeowners match accessories such as belts and bags with a western outfit. So, you can even match western jewellery with an outfit to adorn your mannequin in the store. So, when a potential customer notices the whole look, she will definitely like to buy the jewellery also from you.

Not just in a physical store, but you can also apply this technique in your online store. You can offer suggestions with shopping links of different western jewellery options with the western outfits that are displayed. Many customers love to explore before buying, and these can become your potential customers for western jewellery also.

Now, when the customers know that you sell western jewellery also along with western apparel and accessories, they might also contact you just for the jewellery at times. This is the time when you can start a new individual chain of western jewellery also next.

Even if you are starting a new business just of western jewellery, there are still a lot of potential results. Not every individual can buy gold and diamond jewellery all the time. It may happen that someone has a party to attend, but she does not have proper jewellery to match her super sophisticated evening gown. Now, at this particular time, she will not go out looking for expensive diamond jewellery just for one day. Thus, one of the best ways is to check out trendy designs of western jewellery.

Offer options such as beaded anklets, stylish bracelets, and long earrings online to let your customers choose from a wide range of varieties and shop for the best options for them. Once when your customers have known the diverse options and stylish items that you can offer, there is a high chance that they will return back with a happy face and the thought that they will once again get the options that they are looking for.

Order Western Jewelry from Kanhai Jewels at Wholesale

When you have finally decided to start your new business in fashion and sell out western jewellery options to potential customers, you need to make sure that you get the items from the right place. You can get recurring customers and can retain your business only when you are offering the best options to your customers. One of the best ways is to order western jewellery from Kanhai Jewels. Just order in bulk the right type of options and start selling online, in a physical store, or even in a flea market, as per your choice.

When you are shopping at Kanhai Jewels, you can get all the possible jewellery options on a single platform. Whether you are looking for an artificial necklace, bracelet, or anklet, you can get them all in a single place so that you do not have to look for different items at different places. Just plan properly so that you can get the right numbers for everything and can sell them in the right way to your customers.

Apart from different types of jewellery options, Kanhai Jewels also make sure to offer you diverse designs to please your customers pretty well. If a particular design is very much in demand, you can opt for that particular design to get the exact one and accelerate your sales. Some of the design examples that you can have at Kanhai Jewels are gold-plated jewellery, black-plated jewellery, rhodium-plated jewellery, and so on. Apart from these, you can also select from various style options offered in the filter section to get the ones that are in current trend.

Kanhai Jewels also offer some timeless western jewellery options such as heart pendants, double chain necklace,

We offer a wide range of highly designed fashion western jewellery options in bulk so that you can get options to display in front of your customers with confidence. We understand the fact that youngsters and teenagers are the most common customers of western jewellery and so offer extremely chic and trendy options according to the current fashion. Also, we have several such pieces that are timeless for many who love to collect timeless jewellery pieces. We also deal in jewellery options that definitely compliments your western attire and, at the same time, can also be a great option for daily wear.

Pricing is a major factor for anyone when it comes to shopping for jewellery. We offer western jewellery at a much more convenient cost so that you can sell them out to your customers also at an affordable price according to the look and the styling of the jewellery. All you need to do is to sign up on our site and then log in to make your purchases with ease.