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Oxidised Jewellery - All You Need to Know

November 08, 2022

Feel like a gipsy queen out to conquer the world with your rustic charm. Dazzle onlookers with a kitschy display of pastoral glamour. When you feel the need to do your best tribal avatar, oxidised jewellery is what you need. It oozes the kind of antique, raw, wild charisma that women find irresistible. It adds a generous dash of vintage goodness that is utterly enticing.

Oxidised Jewellery - A Brief Overview

Oxidised jewellery is also known as German silver jewellery or Tribal jewellery. This jewellery is trending in the fashion industry. From necklaces to anklets, all jewellery pieces are available in an oxidised finish. Oxidised jewellery comes in various designs and patterns and with detailed, intricate carving designs and stone embellishment on it.

The history of metal dates back many years. Earlier utilisation of metal started for making utensils, instruments, coins, tools, lamps etc. Metal like silver, gold or brass was used for making jewellery. As there is a hike in rates of metals like gold and silver, artificial oxidised jewellery came into existence which is a substitute for silver jewellery.

In oxidised jewellery, the process of making this jewellery includes combining two metals to create an alloy. Pure metals like silver and other metals like copper are used to create the alloy. But the percentage of silver in this alloy is 10 to 30%. Nowadays, oxidised jewellery has great demand due to its low cost, chic look and skin-friendliness. In Navratri times, oxidised jewellery is spotted in a large number in Garba dance, so it’s known as Gujrathi jewellery as well. Girls used to wear this jewellery with Ghagra cholis which lent a classy look to their appearance. Commonly in tribal areas, women used to mark their body parts with black dots so that their oxidised jewellery gets highlighted.

The trending Oxidised Jewellery is famously known by this name by the world, but it is also called blackened sterling silver jewellery, bohemian jewellery, ethnic tribal jewellery, traditional motif black jewellery, vintage jewellery, antique or archaic jewellery, and even oxidised metal jewellery. Almost all kinds of jewellery pieces come in the oxidised version, giving the wearer a very sultry ethnic look.

Trending Oxidised Jewellery Styles That You Ought to Know


Big, bold, oxidised silver cuffs that almost reach the elbows are a popular tribal style, along with stacked oxidised bangles, plain and embellished ones.


Chunky statement rings with gemstones, opal, sapphire, topaz, etc., with intricate filigree work, are popular.


Major head turners with loads of oomph, oxidised statement necklaces and chokers with tribal, floral, animal and geometric motifs are all the rage.


Danglers, chandeliers, crescent moon-shaped statement jhumkas, and floral motifs with inlaid coloured stones are popular oxidised earring styles.


The foremost adornment for traditional attire, oxidised anklets go well with all regional styles.


Go goth, punk, tribal, folk, or vintage with statement pendants woven in oxidised silver chains, coloured threads, shells, jute, titanium, or coloured metals.

Oxidised Jewellery Buying - Top Things to Consider

The good news about oxidised jewellery is you can buy it from anywhere, flea markets, online, at jewellery stores, souvenir stores or your city’s local markets. Styles are versatile, and options are endless. Regular silver jewellery would require constant upkeep due to its tarnish-prone nature, but the blackened silver look is the USP of oxidised jewellery, so you won’t need to clean it for a shine. But if you’re conscious of the clash between the shades of the silver and your skin tone, try them on physically before ordering similar shades online. Inspect each piece before spending money to see if the metal is sturdy as opposed to bendable or if the stonework or enamelling is firmly set.

Buying cheap oxidised jewellery for short-term wear or single wear is not a cause for concern, but if you’re planning to make it a daily or regular wear, make sure you buy it from a trusted jeweller. Hard-wearing oxidised jewellery will cause its blackened look to disappear over a period of time, and true silver will appear. In such cases, take it to the jeweller for a re-blackening touch-up.


Like any other jewellery, check the quality of oxidised jewellery before buying it. Pay attention to the metal used to make the jewellery. If the quality of the jewellery is poor, then there may be allergic reactions to the skin. Therefore, while buying jewellery, keep in mind its warranty and guarantee.

The Difference in Weight

In fact, cheap oxidised jewellery weighs more. On the other hand, if you buy it from a good shop, then it looks heavy in appearance, but its weight is light. Therefore, it is better that you do not fall into the trap of cheap and pay special attention to good quality while buying jewellery. Lightweight jewellery is more comfortable to wear.

Seasonal Care

Oxidised jewellery gets spoiled very quickly during the monsoon season. Therefore, to prevent them from getting spoiled put cotton in a box and keep it well.

Wrapping Up

The concept of oxidised jewellery is not nascent. However, the versatility, abundant varieties, trends, designs, and other aspects pertaining to oxidised jewellery has evolved over the years.

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