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Top Wholesale Markets in India That Sell American Diamond Jewellery

March 25, 2022
You’re considering importing American diamond jewellery from India, but you have no idea where to start. Where can you find the best quality at the lowest price? Where should you buy it? Well, don’t worry about that anymore!
We got just the thing for you!
Here are four of the top wholesale markets in India that sell American diamond jewellery at affordable prices, and some additional information on each of them.
  • Jaipur
  • If you’re looking for beautiful, intricately carved pieces of American diamond jewellery in Jaipur, visit johari Bazaar. It’s an age-old market in Amber Fort and is known for its delicately wrought jewellery.
  • If you’re want to shop for high-quality ornaments like American diamond choker necklace at rock-bottom prices, then Jaipur Market is where you should head to next.
  • Gemstones from all over the world are available here in addition to American diamond jewellery, sourced from Hyderabad, Surat, and Moradabad—all renowned diamond hubs.
  • For over two decades now, Johari bazar in Jaipur has served as a hub for imitation jewellery wholesaler selling ornamnets across all price points including American diamond jewellery, especially pearls and diamonds both loose and set in gold.
  • Delhi
Popular markets in Delhi include Chandni Chowk and Sadar Bazar
  • If you are interested in hunting for American diamond jewellery wholesale items, check out chandni Chowk which is a known wholesale marketplace.
  • Here you can find a variety of American diamond wholesale markets.
  • The items like American diamond pendant set available here are handcrafted, and add elegance to the personality of a woman. There are many imitation jewellery manufacturers offering a variety of items at affordable rates. You need not go anywhere else; visit these stores right away and select your desired products.
  • Mumbai
The best place to look for American diamond jewellery wholesale in Mumbai is Zaveri Bazar.
  • The market has been around for over 40 years and many stores offer exquisite items in a great selection.
  • This market sells fashion jewellery of varying qualities, which is why it is always recommended to go with a knowledgeable person who can guide you while you shop.
  • There are also wholesalers present in Mumbai who deal specifically with American diamond jewellery wholesale items, so doing some research on them before heading out will make things easier.
  • Some of these stores even have a website dedicated to listings and general information about their ornaments and their contact information, thus, making it easier to reach them for further guidance or queries.
How to Source Wholesale American Diamond Jewellery Online?
In India, American Diamond Jewellery (AD Jewellery) is highly popular. It comprises high-quality jewellery pieces with beautiful designs. Most retailers prefer buying the jewellery in bulk from online stores.
Here are some tips and tricks on how to source them with confidence:
  • Selecting the Store
There are numerous online stores that sell AD jewellery. When selecting the store, make sure you consider the following points:
  1. Reputation: Check out whether the store has an excellent reputation in the market or not. You can also check its reviews and ratings online to learn more about it.
  1. The Variety of Designs: Find out whether the store has a variety of designs. Make sure it keeps on updating its collection by adding new designs every month. This will help you sell new designs to your customers every month and increase your sales.
  • Checking Out the Quality
To ensure you buy high-quality AD jewellery from an online store, you need to check out its quality before buying it in bulk. For this, you can visit the physical store of the jeweller and check out its products yourself. Besides, you can ask for samples beforehand and see whether they are as per your expectations.
  • Find Out if there are any Minimum Order Requirements
Most wholesalers will require you to meet a minimum order amount before you can buy from them at wholesale prices. This varies depending on the company. However, many companies now offer drop shipping services, which means retailers don't have to meet this requirement as the wholesaler will send the items directly to your customers so you never see or handle any stock yourself.
Buy American Diamond Jewellery at Wholesale Prices from Kanhai Jewels
Kanhai Jewels located in Mumbai is a leading manufacturer and exporter of American diamond jewellery. The company has been offering unparalleled services in India and many global countries for over 2 decades. It supplies high-quality, unique jewellery designs at wholesale prices.
If you’re looking for a reliable and recognised American Diamond-CZ jewellery manufacturer for your online business in the USA, UK, or Canada, Kanhai Jewels is there to help you grow your business. They have an extensive collection, including designs such as:
  • Classics like round cut with brilliant patterns like invisible set or channelled,
  Their commitment to satisfaction speaks through their exemplary services with quick shipping all over India and the world. In these years, Kanhai Jewels has formed strong partnerships with leading retailers to cater to the varied tastes of customers from different markets. Their American diamond jewellery has gained popularity for its unique and attractive designs.
Kanhai Jewels manufactures top-of-the-line fashion jewellery as well, so you’ll always find something exquisite and striking to include into your stock. The ability to buy American diamond jewellery online and have it delivered anywhere across the globe makes the company a top imitation jewellery wholesaler in India!