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Unveiling The Trend Of The Latest Oxidised Jewellery 2022

November 08, 2022

With the festive season in its complete grandeur and elegance, nothing beats the good old ethnic look. Most of us try to make the most of these festivities by enjoying good food and decking ourselves up in some of the trendy ensembles. While we pay utmost attention to choosing clothes, jewellery is something that often leaves us perplexed. Our personal jewellery preferences might vary from that of the trend, and there might be a host of other questions that keep us preoccupied.

Oxidised jewellery is something that goes well with any kind of ensemble, be it modern or ethnic. In ethnic, you can wear oxidised sets to team up with your lehengas, sarees, or Kurti sets. From silver oxidised earrings to oxidised jhumkas to oxidised bangles and oxidised necklaces, you can dazzle in the perfect ensemble to inspire awe among your near and dear ones.

In this article, we will be discussing the latest trends in oxidised jewellery and more. Stay tuned!

When we think of our favourite kurta, we always want to pair it with the best oxidised jewellery. It just amps up the entire look in an instant. That one oxidised jhumka, the gorgeous anklet, and whatnot. All it takes is just one touch of that silver oxidised jewellery, and you are all set.

It’s little wonder that Bollywood’s brightest stars are finding themselves drawn to the subtle glow of this style. Regaining popularity amongst industry insiders, oxidised silver jewellery is returning to the collective fashion conscience but in a more modern form. Contemporary, chunky styles are stealing the show and being paired with both Indian and western outfits.

From rings, earrings, and oxidised necklaces to bracelets and headpieces, the style is embraced by women of all ages. With this style gaining popularity, we are turning to the oxidised silver collections from some of our favourite homegrown jewellery brands like Kanhai Jewels and more for layered oxidised necklaces, tribal-inspired ornaments and chunky rings. Enhanced with colourful enamel or mixed with different metals, beads, and shells, the contemporary styles are full of frolics.

Oxidised Jewellery Trends in 2022

Silver Oxidised Earrings

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about oxidised jewellery is silver oxidised earrings. A perfect oxidised jhumka is like a ‘cherry on top’ for any ethnic look, as it makes the perfect combo with any kurta.

Now take, for example, this Oxidised Silver Black Jhumki. Would you not agree how perfect it is for that outfit you’ve been eyeing for the festive pooja?!

Oxidised Chaand Baalis

The years 2015 and 2016 saw increasing popularity for Chandbalis. These are chunky baalis made up of Oxidised Silver. Wear them with flared Skirts or a Lehenga choli. Please make sure that you do not wear chunky necklaces with these to avoid looking over the top. 

Temple Style Oxidised Jhumkas

The temple jewellery is one pattern that is traditionally inspired by South India but is now gaining increasing popularity in North India, as well. Most of the Temple-style Oxidised Gold or Silver oxidised Jhumkas are beautifully adorned with Pearls, Ruby, Emeralds, etc. These look exclusive and elegant.

Oxidised Metal Matha Patti

Matha pattis helps you make a bold fashion statement. You can wear these for special dance performances or for Dandiya nights for a truly ethnic look with your Chaniya choli. Matha pattis are an interesting blend of tradition and trend. If silver is not your thing, then, you can also go for Alloy Metal.


While you are all decked up in the perfect outfit, empty hands might take away some shine. Therefore, oxidised bracelets are an instant add-on for sure. From cuffs to chains, oxidised bracelets are made to amp up any outfit without much effort.

Layered Neck Pieces

Layered neckpieces look pleasing with Indian outfits as well as modern outfits. Go for layered-coin oxidised necklaces for an instant dash of glam to your look for the day. If you want to soften the look a little, add a scarf that covers up your big, chunky neckpiece partly but still makes a bold style statement.

Chunky Pendants With Beaded Thread

Oxidised metal looks super cool when coupled with Bright colours, such as fuchsia or Bottle Green or any vivid hue for that matter. Wear these with Kurtis, suits, or even plain tops to stand out from the crowd and look chic and stylish.

Oxidised Bangles

The Oxidised Alloy or Silver oxidised bangles are very practical for daily wear when you want to be safe while travelling and look pretty with a wide variety of outfits. You can always go for the beautifully adorned versions with American diamonds or Polki. These antique-looking bangles are the best way to express your fondness for jewellery. This is a must-have accessory in every Indian wardrobe. It goes amazingly well with any Indian attire or fusion wear.


If you have beautiful feet and want to show them off, then you must invest in a pair of anklets and flaunt them. These look perfect with traditional outfits, and needless to say, they will make you the centre of attraction. These have been worn since ancient times to decorate women’s ankles. They look absolutely amazing on ankles. You can choose from wide varieties and designs like heavy or light ones.

Finger Rings

You might not even think of such a huge variety in Gold as you get in Oxidised metals. These oxidised finger rings are suitable for unisex usage, depending on the design you pick. These rings are low maintenance and ideal for rough and tough use. However, you can get a good selection of antique finish Gold too. These rings are quite trendy these days to adore the bohemian look or even with any ethnic dress.

Toe Rings

In certain communities in India, it is a custom for married women to wear toe rings. If you are of the kind that gets bored of a particular design easily and likes to have a collection of pairs of toe rings for yourself, then, Oxidised metal toe rings shall be your best bet because of the cost factor involved.

Oxidised Jewellery Sets

Many times, mixing and matching just wouldn’t vibe. You need something that is all set and ready to go. For those days, nothing beats a classic oxidised necklace set. These sets are always made complete with a necklace or pendant, earrings and sometimes a ring.

You can also get full-fledged sets made up of Oxidised metal. These look really pretty when worn with plain suits or for looking special on Garba night. These sets surely manage to add glamour, poise, and elegance to your personality.

Wrapping Up

You must be in awe of the innumerable amount of oxidised jewellery choices at your disposal. Now, the question is, where can you get the best-oxidised jewellery online? And, that too, the premium quality ones at reasonable prices.

Kanhai Jewels brings to you a stunning and mesmerising collection of silver oxidised earrings, oxidised jhumkas, oxidised bangles, oxidised necklaces, finger rings, bracelets, and more. Our artisan-handcrafted oxidised jewellery can enhance your regal look during the festivities. Order online with Kanhai Jewels from the comfort of your home, this festive season!

Make the most of the oxidised jewellery wholesale online at Kanhai Jewels without any further ado.