Ways to coordinate Fashion Jewellery with Western Wear

March 23, 2023

The fashion trend is something that never stays steady. With changing tastes, fashion trends also change. Currently, many women prefer to wear western wear in most places, such as parties, offices, and others. On top of this, the latest trend of fusion wear is also very much loved by many women that comprise matching fashion jewellery with western wear.

The love for jewellery has always been there among not just Indian women but women across the world. But one of the concepts that always prevailed was that jewellery could not match well with western outfits. The old concept has been very well shattered by the new trend of fusion wear. This was also possible because of the transition from traditional jewellery to chic and contemporary options such as western earring sets.

Apart from authentic jewellery, which is made up of pure gold or at least 22-carat gold, now there are also jewellery options that are made up of 18-carat jewellery. Also, there are artificial pendant set options that replicate the original gold jewellery.

While there are so many options in jewellery available today, it is essential to know which jewellery looks best with which outfit to make you look complete and stunning.

Jewellery for Casual Wear

Casual wear is the most comfortable clothing for any person. You may love to put on these casual outfits while you are going out somewhere with your friends or when you are out there for some grocery shopping. While the main concept of casual wear is to offer you the right comfort, you can also look stunning in such casual wear if you match it up with the right kind of jewellery. If you love to go out in your casual pyjamas with t-shirts or tops, you can always go for an artificial pendant set to get the exact look.

Jewellery for Office Formals

When you are all about formals at the office, such as pant suits or a skirt with a blazer, you require a jewellery option that is elegant and looks classy such as a pearl earring or a pear set. These small pearl sets have achieved the position of being called a formal jewellery design lately. If not the pearl ones, you can always go for other options, such as a stone stud western earring set that comes with a stone stud pendant as well. Such jewellery options offer you a much more sophisticated look when complimented well with the right formals.

Jewellery for Western Dress

Western dresses are something that can be used as casual wear, formal wear, or even party wear, depending upon the type of dress that you are choosing. Similarly, when you need to select the right western wear according to the requirements, it is essential that you choose the right jewellery according to the dress that you are wearing, the occasion for which you are choosing it, and so on. For example, if you are planning to wear a long gown for your office party, you can always choose a stone necklace set and can add on other sophisticated items such as designer bracelets with it. Similarly, if you are wearing a casual knee-length western dress for a date or an outing with your friends, you can opt for statement jewellery options in such a case.

Jewellery for Summer Dress

Spring and summers bring in comfortable and light clothing that is also pleasing to the eyes. The light-shaded colours and delightful natural prints make such clothing an absolute hit for summer outings and other occasions in the summer season. When you are trying to pair up jewellery with such summer dresses, you can always go for the jewellery sets inspired by nature, such as floral-designed earrings and pendants.

If you are a style icon, you can even get some more options along with your summer dresses, such as a designer anklet or a designer bracelet to match up with your dress in a stylish way.

Jewellery for Vacations

A lot of people believe that travelling with jewellery on is not a safe idea. But today, the idea has changed to a great extent. Women go for jewellery options that are specific for vacations now. For example, if you are a sea-shore person, you can try out gemstone chain neckpieces such as that emerald with beachwear. If you are wearing tops over denim or skirts, you can always try out layering of a few chained neckpieces.

Get-togethers and Parties:

Whether you are about to attend a family dinner or you are getting ready for a cocktail party with your friends, complimenting your dress with the right jewellery is very important. If you choose a western dress such as a midi dress or a gown, you may get confused about the choice of jewellery to go for. But you can always choose options such as designer finger rings or drop earrings made up of diamonds, precious stones, or even artificial stones.

Traditional Jewellery for Western Dresses

While the above ways are quite safer to go for, if you are experimental in nature, you can always try out the fusion of traditional jewellery with western dresses. With the passing of time, many celebrities have shown how traditional jewellery with western dresses can create a magical influence. There are so many ways you can create such an impact on the viewers. For example, you can wear a kundan necklace with your evening gown for a party. Again, you can wear traditional jhumkas when you are dressing up in an indo-western dress of a kurti over a pair of denim.

Thus, there are several ways you can coordinate fashion jewellery with western wear. But before thinking of ways to coordinate fashion jewellery with western wear, it is much more important to get some ideas on the jewellery options that you should surely have in your jewellery box.

Jewellery Options to coordinate with western wear

Here are some of the jewellery options that you should surely have to coordinate with your western wear for various events and occasions.

Statement Necklace:

A necklace is something that is a must in any Indian jewellery box. But when you are looking for necklaces for your western wear, you should surely check out the range of statement necklace options available. Whether it is that small black dress to look sexy or an evening off-shoulder gown to look sophisticated, you can always get a statement necklace to deck up your neck and complete your elegant look.

Earrings and Jhumkas:

While statement ear tops and earrings are something that you can always use as daily wear for any kind of dress that you are wearing, contrasting jhumkas with western attire is very much in fashion lately. There are women who love the idea of sterling silver jhumkas with their western dresses, such as a frock or a midi dress. On the other hand, if you wish to play safe, you can go for a pair of jhumkas with an indo-western dress such as a long skirt and a blouse or a pair of denim and an embroidered kurti. Just go with the vibe, and you will comfortably carry the look.

Kadas, Bracelets, and Bangles:

Bangles made up of glass, wax, or any other materials are hugely used by women to match and mix with their sarees, lehengas, and salwar suits. But when it comes to western wear, you may not like to wear these bangles. For such occasions, you can always rely on bracelets and even kadas. Bracelets can be of different types, such as something that offers a western look and also something that can offer a look of jewellery. The idea is that these bracelets can be a great match if you wish to wear them with your western dress. Similarly, a single kada can be a great option when you are wearing a gown or a dress for a party or an important function.

Whether traditional or modernly designed, bangles will never go out of fashion, so you should surely contact a bangles wholesaler to get some of the best designs and types according to your choice and needs.


In the midst of jhumkas and necklaces, we often miss out on anklets which are again one of the most important jewellery options for any Indian woman. Today, girls and women do not just wear these anklets with their Indian dresses but also with their western outfits, and that too with style. There are several ways to combine anklets with a western dress, such as wearing a single silver anklet with a pair of ankle-length denim or three-quarter pants.

Indian women cannot go without their jewellery, whether it is a party or a casual day. Hence, experimenting with the trend is a necessity, even in the case of jewellery. Earlier, jewellery used to be mandatory with traditional ethnic clothes. But now, with a shift in trends in fashion, jewellery has become important even with western dresses. You just need to know the styles and the parameters so that you can glam up with the fashion jewellery even when you wish to style in western wear.