Antique Jewellery usually belongs to the bygone era of almost 100 years and has survived gradual human evolution over the years. However, it may not always mean pre-worn or handed down jewellery. It generally refers to jewellery made from previously old jewels from the royal era or the jewellery crafted by taking inspiration from these precious vintage designs from the era of yore.

Antique jewellery is becoming highly popular in modern-day times because of its rustic, time-worn looks, vintage aura, unique charm, state-of-the-art workmanship, and high quality stones and gems. Antique Indian jewellery can be easily identified given its discreet design and luster from the royal darbars of the bygone era. Our antique jewellery is usually crafted in either Copper, Brass or mixture of it and combined with artificial gems, beads, Kundankari or the like.

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