Style your outfits with gorgeous Kanhai Jewels Brooches

Brooch is a pin-like structure with a decorated front usually worn by females on their clothes. It is generally considered to be a symbol of high class status. Brooches are traditionally worn by women on their left side but there are no such restrictions anymore, because fashion is all about breaking barriers and restrictions. You will find some extremely unique designs and patterns at Kanhai Jewels which in no time will rule your heart.


Designer Brooches at Kanhai Jewels for every occasion

If you are looking for luxury designer brooches, then there will not be any better stop than Kanhai Jewels for you. Dive deep into our beautiful brooches and these brooches are simply one click away from you. We provide designer brooches online and take care of all your requirements. We use premium quality materials to provide you high-end luxury products at affordable prices.  Our different and unique pieces will always ensure that you and your brooches are talk of any party or occasion.

Kanhai Jewels offers beautiful brooches for women

The entire world is your stage and it is time to set the stage on fire. Look your best by accessorizing the best. And at Kanhai Jewels we offer nothing else but only the best. We promise to provide you with the best ever customer experience. We, being wholesalers of designer brooches, have great knowledge to understand clients’ requirements and fulfill them through our products.


  1.  1. What are the types of brooches?


There have been four broad classifications for types of brooches and they are the statement brooch, bar brooch, everyday brooch and conversational brooch. As their name indicates, they define their usage and purposes.


  1. 2. What sorts of brooches are available with you at Kanhai Jewels?


We provide designer luxury brooches and there are some really great options with us. Like artificial flower brooch, cz American diamond brooches, western brooches which have delicate designs, while some traditional brooches in classic golden and silver colours.


  1. 3. How can I place orders with you?


In order to place orders or see the prices of our products, you need to be a registered user. Once you have registered, you can explore the site more on your own.


  1. 4. What are your most popular brooches with you?


Our bestseller brooches would be antique peacock brooch with matte finish, western classic brooch with pearl work, traditional brooches.


  1. 5. Do you take bulk orders only?


Yes, as of now we only take bulk orders. The reason being that we are selling wholesale designer brooches and taking bulk orders is more reliable and convenient as well.


  1. 6. Does anyone still wear artificial brooches?


Artificial brooches are made of less expensive metals which is a major reason behind that the audience buys them more frequently. In this way, the interest of people is shifting towards these embellishments.


  1. 7. Why would Kanhai Jewels be the best pick for such purchases?


Our quality products speak for themselves. You will never have to compromise on the quality of the products as we ensure top-class materials to be used for making great products.


  1. 8. Are there any significant reasons behind buying designer brooches online even now?


There was a time when the presence of imitation brooches was a little lost in the market. But now they are back, with a bang! They are just like any other piece of jewellery which has got the attention of the audience and are being adored a lot.


  1. 9. Are there any discounts on bulk orders?


On providing bulk orders, we already have kept the prices least possible as per industry trends. So, we do not offer any further discounts as of now.