Know what it is to wear a Mangalsutra

Mangal refers to wellbeing and sutra is a thread in which black beads are threaded. It is the faith of every Indian woman giving them assurance of longevity of their better half and happy married life. The pious ornaments are part of every religious occasion of married females and are what they treasure throughout their lives.

With due respect and care to the feelings of females, Kanhai jewels, the best artificial manufacture of the pious ornaments, brings the finest array of mangalsutra in various metals and polish.  


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Kanhai jewels is the artificial mangalsutra wholesaler in India.

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Q1 – Can we order for customized mangalsutra chain as well?

Ans –Like mangalsutra pendants, we also prepare different designed chains of mangalsutra. But we do not provide the option of customization.


Q2- What is the guarantee of American diamond shine in mangalsutra?

Ans - We have used high quality American diamond in our artificial jewellery giving you long-lasting shine years after years.


Q3- Is there any ceiling to the maximum amount and quantity of order?

Ans – We uphold the potential of accomplishing all sized orders with no ceiling.


Q4-   Can negotiation be expected further on rates on the website?

Ans- Kanhai jewels offer mangalsutra jewellery online at discounted prices already. More discounts on wholesale rates are not possible. You can directly contact our sales team and confirm rates.


Q5-   Can designs in Rhodium plating mangalsutra be made in gold plated?

Ans – Yes, we can interchange the designs and provide you with other plating provided the order is in bulk. Customization for a single piece is not possible for us.


Q-6 What is the exchange policy of Kanhai jewels? 

Kanhai Jewels does not promote the exchange of its products.


Q7-  Is your stock limited to mangalsutra on the website?

Ans – We have bestsellers or new designs of mangalsutra on the website. 

Our collection involves various classic and contemporary designs that you can view by contacting us or visiting us.


Q8-  Can extra benefits be procured by ordering in the festive season?

Ans – Our products are available at fixed rates throughout the year giving no discount in the festive season.


Q9 – What are permitted payment gateways? 

Ans – We accept payment through credit cards, debit cards and digital wallets. Note that foreign clients must either pay in Indian currency or via union money transfer, PayPal etc.


Q-10 - With the flood of mangalsutra by other manufacturers, why should I buy your products?

Ans   Quality speaks in artificial jewellery also. We offer the finest artificial jewellery at wholesale rates and latest designs on easy terms and conditions giving a great shopping experience to every client.