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The love of women for decking themselves up in a host of jewellery artefacts is eternal. Women of all ages tend to adorn themselves with the right set of jewellery essentials, such as bangles, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, earrings, finger and toe rings, payals, maang tikkas and more, to attain the perfect look for any and every occasion. They adore colour coordinating their attires with matching jewellery essentials. And it stays significant in today’s time too.

Earring tikkas are nothing but a perfectly coordinated set of a pair of earrings and a maang tikka. While such earring tikka sets are available in Gold, antique, pearl, Polki, AD/CZ, Indo-Western and Western designs and patterns, Kundan maang tikkas with earrings are in a league of their own.

A Kundan maang tikka with earrings can go well with most of your wardrobe essentials. Whether you are donning an ethnic attire, saree, lehenga choli or Indo-Western attire, Kundan tikka sets can be your go-to choice to attain that outstanding and celebration-ready look. Get ready to stand apart in the crowd and inspire awe among your family, friends, and close acquaintances with an elegant Maang tikka set.

Perfectly coordinated ensembles, jewellery, accessories, and the list will go on - it’s a priority for women of all ages, especially when they are stepping out for any festive occasion or celebration. The same goes for any other casual, friendly meet-up or a formal work day too. However, festive occasions demand more focus and attention.

Have a cousin’s wedding or an ethnic day at your workplace, and are you coming up short with new ideas to glam up your look? A Kundan maang tikka with earrings can be an ideal choice. With this combination of coordinated jewellery, you can create a unique and awe-inspiring look without much fuss.

These maang tikka sets and Kundan tikka sets are crafted to suit a versatile range of attires and occasions. You can never go wrong with this jewellery duo. Don’t take our word for it. Try it on any upcoming occasion or festivities and revel in the glory and compliments.

Explore Kundan Earring Tikka Sets

You might have seen your friends, relatives, and close acquaintances decking up in matching necklaces and earrings, matching pendant sets, and more. If you wish to defy the usual way and stand apart from the crowd, a Kundan tikka set that comes complete with a captivating maang tikka and a pair of matching earrings can do the trick.

We at Kanhai Jewels understand your yearning to stand apart from the crowd and attract attention to your personal styling acumen. We bring you an extraordinary and extravagant collection of gold-plated designer earring tikka designs that you are sure to fall in love with. Green, pink, ruby, or mint - whatever colour your heart desires and your attire demands - we have it all ready for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our maang tikka sets right away.

Buy Kundan Earring Tikkas Online At Wholesale Prices

Kanhai Jewels is considered one of the esteemed manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers of AD/CZ, gold, Kundan, antique, polki, and Indo-western jewellery. Our jewellery products are loved by a wide global customer base, and why not? Our expert artisans handcraft these jewellery articles that carry the cultural heritage of India. Premium quality, great prices, and convenience of online jewellery shopping are some of our promises to our valued customers across the globe.

Get Kundan maang tikka sets with matching earrings for celebratory occasions at wholesale prices only at Kanhai Jewels.


1. What is included in a Kanhai Jewels' Kundan earring set?

A Kundan earring set from Kanhai Jewels usually consists of a maang tikka and matching earrings. These pieces are meticulously adorned with Kundan embellishments, perfect for enhancing the beauty of your ethnic and fusion ensembles.

2. How do you clean a Kundan earring tikka set?

Cleaning a Kundan earring tikka set, which typically has a gold or silver base adorned with delicate glass embellishments, necessitates special attention. To clean it effectively, you can use degreasing solutions, dip the jewellery in water, and rinse it carefully. Be cautious, not to use warm water as it may potentially harm the glass adornments on the Kundan set.

3. Do Kundan earring tikka sets lose shine?

Kundan earring tikka sets typically do not lose their shine. However, they require proper care, safekeeping, and suitable storage conditions to maintain their lustre over time, ensuring they continue to sparkle beautifully.

4. How long does Kundan jewellery last?

The durability of Kundan jewellery primarily hinges on factors such as how often it's worn, how well it's cared for, and the storage conditions. By taking proper precautions and maintaining your Kundan earring tikka sets, you can ensure they remain radiant and accompany you for many years, preserving precious memories along the way.

5. What sets Kanhai Jewels apart as the premier source for Kundan earring tikkas?

Kanhai Jewels stands out as the top choice for purchasing Kundan earring tikkas due to its extensive range of premium and exquisitely crafted designs. With the convenience of online shopping and prompt doorstep delivery, it offers a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for those seeking the perfect Kundan jewellery.

6. How much should one expect to pay for Kundan earring tikka sets?

The cost of Kundan earring tikka sets can vary depending on factors such as design intricacy and the materials used. Generally, they are not as expensive as real diamonds but can be comparable in price to gold jewellery, making them a valuable option for those looking for traditional yet exquisite accessories.

7. Can I source Kundan earring tikka sets online from Kanhai Jewels to use in my resale business?

You can purchase Kundan earring tikka sets from Kanhai Jewels online to use them in your resale business. We offer a wide selection of premium Kundan jewellery that can attract customers and boost your resale business, with the added advantage of wholesale pricing to help you maintain competitive pricing margins.

8. Do you offer wholesale pricing for Kundan earring tikka sets for businesses?

Yes, we provide wholesale pricing for businesses interested in reselling our Kundan earring tikka sets. Besides, wholesale pricing, we also offer bulk ordering options for businesses looking to purchase larger quantities of our Kundan earring tikka sets. Please contact our customer support for more information.

9. What will happen to my jewellery if I accidentally sprinkle perfume on it?

If you accidentally sprinkle perfume on your jewellery, it can lead to tarnishing or discolouration, particularly if it's made of metal or has delicate gemstones. It's advisable to avoid contact between perfumes and jewellery to maintain their quality.

10. Can I buy a matching necklace at Kanhai Jewels with my Kundan earring tikka set?

Yes, at Kanhai Jewels, it's common to discover exquisite matching necklaces that perfectly complement your Kundan earring tikka set. It helps you achieve a coordinated and stunning look, enhancing your appearance for those special occasions.

11. How can I place an order for Kundan earring tikka sets from Kanhai Jewels?

To place an order for Kundan earring tikka sets with Kanhai Jewels, you can start by registering on our website. Once registered, you can effortlessly browse our collection, select your desired set, and proceed with the secure checkout process.

12. Can I return or exchange a Kundan earring tikka set if it doesn't meet my expectations?

Yes, you can return or exchange a Kundan earring tikka set if it doesn't meet your expectations. Our return and refund policy allows for exchanges in case of transit damage or if the wrong product is received. However, refunds are subject to certain conditions, including notifying us within 3 days of delivery, and they will be processed through the same mode of payment used for the original transaction within 7 days of receiving the returned goods.

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