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As the name suggests, earring tikkas are nothing but the perfectly coordinated combo of a pair of earrings and a maang tikka. Women tend to adore this combination for ethnic, festive, and celebratory occasions. While earring tikkas have been in use for decades, oxidised earring tikkas are gaining ground quite rapidly lately. 

Oxidised earring tikkas have gold, silver, and other materials as the bases that are exposed to chemical reactions and oxidation to offer the jewellery surface an elegant, antique, and vintage look. Thanks to the oxidation process, the earrings and tikkas have a glamorously darker and shiny look and feel that can make anyone spellbound.

Whether you are opting for ethnic and Indo-Western ensembles for at-office or casual celebrations or attending a friend’s or cousin’s wedding, or decking up for festive celebrations at home, you can never go wrong with oxidised earring tikkas.

An extravagant Collection of Oxidised Earring Tikkas by Kanhai Jewels

Kanhai Jewels understands the love for women to stay up-to-date when it comes to the latest fashion trends. We bring you an extraordinary collection of stunning oxidised earring tikkas that can elevate the style of your ensembles significantly. Our oxidised plating is swoon-worthy and premium. Whether Ruby or Ruby green or white earring tikkas speak to you, we have got you covered.

Check out our versatile collection of oxidised earring tikkas and make them part of your jewellery trousseau. Dazzle your way through any crowd with these aesthetic jewellery accessories and acquire jaw-dropping reactions from passers-by. 

Why Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai Jewels is deemed one of the best-in-industry jewellery manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers when it comes to antique jewellery, Gold, Kundan jewellery, oxidised jewellery, and AD/CZ jewellery. Expert craftsmanship, premium quality jewellery articles, and competitive prices are some of our promises to our global customers.

With Kanhai Jewels, you can forgo the shop-hopping and just browse the extensive collection of oxidised earring tikkas online with just a few clicks. Take your pick, place the order from the comfort of your couch, and we will get the jewellery chosen shipped to your doorstep in no time.

Get ready to look stunning with some of the timeless oxidised earring tikkas today.


1. What is an oxidised earring tikka?

An oxidised earring tikka is a traditional Indian jewellery piece that combines the charm of earrings and a tikka. It features oxidised metalwork, intricate designs, and a pendant that adorns the forehead, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

2. How is it different from regular earrings?

An oxidised earring tikka, characterised by its vintage and rustic appeal, is distinct from regular earrings due to the unique oxidation process that gives it an antique, blackened finish. Unlike conventional earrings, the tikka style often includes a chain or link that connects to the hair, adding a traditional and intricate touch to the design.

3. What occasions are suitable for wearing an oxidised earring tikka?

Our jewellery is versatile, and you can wear it on various occasions, including weddings, festivals, traditional gatherings, and even casual events. They complement both ethnic and fusion outfits.

4. How should I care for my oxidised earring tikka to maintain its shine?

To keep your oxidised earring tikka looking its best, store in a dry, airtight container to prevent oxidation. Avoid contact with perfumes and chemicals, as they can dull the shine of the metal.

5. Are oxidised earring tikkas suitable for sensitive skin?

Most oxidised earring tikkas are made from hypoallergenic materials, making them suitable for sensitive skin. If you have allergies, go through the product description and choose nickel-free options.

6. Does Kanhai Jewels offer a wide range of oxidised earring tikkas?

Kanhai Jewels offers an extensive collection of oxidised earring tikkas in various designs, metals, and sizes to cater to diverse preferences. Our wide selection ensures that our customers find the perfect oxidised earring tikka that suits their style and liking.

7. Are Kanhai Jewels' oxidised earring tikkas handmade or machine-made?

We take pride in crafting handmade oxidised earring tikkas with precision and attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, making them not just jewellery but also pieces of artistry.

8. What metals are available for oxidised earring tikkas at Kanhai Jewels?

Kanhai Jewels provides oxidised earring tikkas in metals such as silver, brass, and copper, allowing its customers to choose according to their preferences. Our diverse metal options ensure that you can select the metal that aligns with your style and skin sensitivities.

9. Can I get a discount on Kanhai Jewels' oxidised earring tikkas for bulk orders?

We offer enticing discounts for bulk orders of oxidised earring tikkas, making it an excellent choice for retailers and wholesalers. This approach allows you to benefit from significant cost reductions while obtaining high-quality products.

10. How does Kanhai Jewels ensure the authenticity of its oxidised earring tikkas?

Kanhai Jewels guarantees the authenticity of its oxidised earring tikkas by using high-quality materials and employing skilled artisans to create each piece. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that you receive genuine and well-crafted jewellery.

11. What is the return policy for oxidised earring tikkas purchased from Kanhai Jewels?

Our customer-friendly return policy ensures hassle-free returns within a specified period, provided the product meets the criteria outlined in our policy. This customer-centric approach gives you peace of mind when purchasing from us.

12. Does Kanhai Jewels offer worldwide shipping for oxidised earring tikkas?

Yes, we provide worldwide shipping so that customers from around the globe can enjoy our exquisite oxidised earring tikkas. Our global shipping services make it convenient for customers to access beautiful jewellery, regardless of the location.

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