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Searching for traditional jewelry while in the USA? We, at Kanhai Jewels, have a dedicated team to deliver you the style and quality in Indian Jewelry USA that you deserve to have. Our website displays a wide variety of US Jewelry Wholesale options so that you can get the right one based on what is your requirement and what you wish to have.

Whether it is about high-quality imitation jewelry or various beautiful designs and styles, our jewelry options are highly famous among different customers across the USA. When you are browsing through our fashion jewelry wholesale website, you will come across a wide number of options to define your jewelry choice so that you can buy the best from Kanhai Jewels US.

Earring/ Ear Chain/ Earring Tikka

Earring is something that a woman will wear almost all the time. The only difference is that the earrings differ according to the occasion and situation. For example, if you want to get an earring for casual wear or office wear, studs or small rings are great for you. But for occasions such as a wedding party or for any other similar events, ear chains or earring tikkas can offer you a gorgeous look. Check out some of the trendiest collections in ear jewelry options at Kanhai Jewels.

Necklace/ Chain/ Chain Pendant/ Mangalsutra

Similar to earrings, necklaces, and chains are also jewelry options that women prefer to wear most time. Most married women in India mandatorily wear a Mangalsutra made up of gold and black beads. But trendy imitation Mangalsutra is also currently in the fashion that many women love to wear to western dresses. Kanhai Jewels display a range of high-quality imitation necklaces, chains, chain pendants, and also mangalsutra options.

Pendant Set/ Bridal Set

While according to the traditions, brides wear gold jewelry for their wedding. But modern brides today prioritize imitation bridal sets over gold because they get great designs in imitation at an affordable price. Apart from bridal sets, you will come across gorgeous pendant sets at Kanhai Jewels.

Bangles/ Bracelet/ Kada

Bangles are an essential part of Indian jewelry. But modern-day women who do not wish to get into much-hassled jewelry options prefer options such as kada or bracelets over bangles. Try out some of the most attractive and stylish collections of kada and bracelets for office wear, party wear, or casual wear at Kanhai Jewels. We also present similarly attractive bangles for those who love to style in an authentic way.

Baju Band

Baju band is one of the traditional jewelry options in India. If you are searching for high-quality beautiful imitation baju band options, Kanhai Jewels are the right place.

Hath Pan/ Finger Ring

Hath Pan is another jewelry piece that a bride puts on for her special day. Once again most brides prefer to pick imitation options over gold and we offer some of the most beautiful options that will match your other jewelry as well as your bridal dress. Apart from hath pan, we also have a range of beautiful and trendy finger ring options to check out for various events.

Nose Ring

Whether you are shopping nose rings for your own wedding or some other major occasion, we have some gorgeous pieces to make you go glam with every attire that you are wearing.

Pasa/ Bore/ Tikka/ Damini/ Jhuda/ Shishful

Headgear jewelry such as pasa, tikka, damini, jhuda, shishful, and bore are also some important options for Indian brides. Not just brides but also women wear these items for special occasions such as the wedding of someone very close, other important events such as baby showers, and others. Choose from different options such as heavy Kundan work to simple American Diamond-CZ designed options according to the event for which you are buying the piece.


Wearing a belt along with a lehenga or saree is something in trend and also showcases royalty. At Kanhai Jewels, you will get also classic pearl belts that you can match up with your evening gowns for a cocktail party.

Sindoor Box

When sindoor or vermillion is the most important element in any Hindu married woman’s life, storing it in a proper box is equally essential. We offer some appealing sindoor box options made up of different materials and designs.


Whether you are looking for a brooch for your saree or any other dress, we have ample options for you to choose from.

Anklet/ Payal/Toe Ring

Anklets and toe rings have been there in Indian culture for many years. But now many women outside India also love the idea of an Indo-western look by wearing these feet jewelry along with jeans or skirts.

Hair Clip/ Hair Brooch

Add styling to your hair in the simplest way with the help of beautiful hair clips and hair brooches in our collection. If you wish to go minimalist, try out these hair accessories to complete your look in place of other major jewelry options.

Explore Trendy Artificial Jewelry Online

We, at Kanhai Jewels, display a diverse number of Indian jewelry USA categories so that you can select the exact one that you have been searching for. We proudly display some of the best designs of the Kundan collection as well as jewelry made up of American diamonds for your parties as well as casual wear or formals. Similarly, we have different options such as antique, western, or indo-western so that you can have jewelry ready for every type of dress that you have got in your wardrobe.

Our designers pick the best coloured stones to match up with the designs of the jewelry for those who love to complement their clothes with jewelry of similar shades.

Buy Online Imitation Jewelry in Wholesale

We have made available on our website of Kanhai Jewels a wide range of US jewelry wholesale options such as necklaces, kada, hair brooch, bracelets, pendant sets, ear chains, finger rings, nose rings, belts, anklets, toe rings, hair clips, bridal sets, and many others. Moreover, we offer a complete range of jewelry options at Kanhai Jewels US from which you can choose and buy the right one for your need.

Our designs are trendy and our range has something or the other for everyone. Go through the fashion jewelry wholesale options that we have displayed and choose the right one according to your choice, occasion, and budget that suits you.

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