Nose Ring

If you are searching for those pretty-looking statement jewellery options, then you need to look for western jewellery. Whether you are looking for those gold-plated jewellery options or you wish to get those gorgeously curated imitations of Swarovski Swans in the form of ear studs, you can get all these options conveniently at Kanhai Jewels USA.

Kanhai Jewels offer a wide range of jewellery categories when it comes to western jewellery such as earrings, neckpieces, rings, and many others to suit your requirement. We are one of the best wholesaler options in the USA and you will definitely enjoy buying the right piece of western jewellery wholesale at affordable pricing from Kanhai Jewels USA.


Western earring options are a perfect combination not just for your casual outfits but for almost any outfit that you are wearing. While pearl studs are best for formal attire, crystal statement earrings can be a part of your traditional attire also.

Necklace/ Chain/ Chain Pendant

Getting the right neckpiece can actually work wonders. If you are looking for a casual look, you can go for the fancy chain pendants to match up with your western attire such as a dress or a pair of jeans and a top. On the other hand, if you wish to pair up your western jewellery with your Indo-Western attire, you can always look up for options such as gold-plated necklaces or crystal chain options.

Bracelet/ Kada

Kanhai Jewels perfectly display a wide range of Western-designed bracelets and kada so that you can get the right one not just according to your outfit but also according to different occasions.

Hath Pan/ Finger Ring

There is an endless collection of statement Finger ring options in different designs as well as different colours when you are searching for Western designs at Kanhai Jewels. Whether you are searching for Western designed hath pan or finger ring, buying them from Kanhai Jewels USA is a great idea.

Nose Ring

Who says you can have nose rings just in traditional designs? Shop for Western-styled nose rings from Kanhai Jewels USA that is a perfect match for your casual as well as Indo Western dresses.

Baby Hath Pan

We also showcase cute baby hath pan designed as per western styling. Buy these cute little pieces from Kanhai Jewels USA to get high-quality products at a price that won't pinch your pocket.


Whether you are looking for brooches for your blazer, coats, or tops, we have the right picks for every option. Check out from different options that we have displayed so that you can get the right one according to the budget that you have fixed to spend.


Amklets have become popular now not just among Indo Western styling but also in Western fashion. Match up the right Western-designed anklet from Kanhai Jewels USA with your western or Indo Western attire to get the right look.

Western Jewellery for Every Outfit

While the design is named western, it does not mean that it sticks only to western fashion. The designers at Kanhai Jewels have come up with several design options that are perfect for your formal attire, casual outfits, as well as Indo Western dresses. A pair of crystal ear studs will be perfect for your office wear while Western Jewellery pendants and anklets will be a great choice for going casual. On the other hand, if you have a party to attend, choosing a Western necklace to match your evening gown or dress can be highly enchanting. So, the idea is to choose wisely to look pretty in these Western Jewellery options.

Buy Online Western Jewellery in Wholesale

Even when you are buying casual Western Jewellery options, quality is something that you cannot compromise upon.  So, buying it from Kanhai Jewels USA is a perfect idea for all casual jewellery lovers.

We, at Kanhai Jewels bring you Western Jewellery in different categories and offer you the option of filters to customize your search. Make use of these filters to narrow your search and get exactly the options that you have been searching for. Get the right jewellery from the Western Jewellery Wholesale platform of Kanhai Jewels USA at a much more affordable price that will not put pressure on your pocket.

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