4 Kundan Imitation Jewellery Gift Ideas if You Want to Delight a Boho Bride

January 07, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect gift to show your appreciation for a boho bride? Look no further than Kundan imitation jewellery!

Kundan imitation jewellery is a type of traditional and authentic Indian jewellery that uses wax-filled impressions to form bold shapes with intricate designs. It is crafted in dense gold or silver, featuring some of the most beautiful diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones. Also included are glass beads set with Kundan stones in vibrant colours, such as red, green, and yellow. This unique Indian jewellery has been popular among royalty since ancient times, only now becoming more accessible to us mere mortals!

The perfect gift for any boho bride must be handcrafted and have an air of intimacy about it, which is why Kundan imitation jewellery makes for a great choice. Not only does this Indian jewellery offers timeless beauty, but each piece tells its own beloved story-one sure to delight every bride who receives it!

Read on to know four great ideas on how you can use Kundan imitation jewellery as a thoughtful gift for a boho bride!

A Pair of Authentic Kundan Kadas

A pair of heavy kadas are the perfect gift for a boho bride who loves her jewellery. You can buy Kundan kada online, or find them at select jewellery stores. They are uniquely handmade and add a bohemian glamour to any outfit. Typically made from brass or copper, these kadas are usually detailed with intricate patterns or designs.

These can be embellished with colourful stones and precious metals for a more opulent look. Kadas may also feature unique charms or trinkets that enhance their meaning and symbolism.

These days, you can find a variety of Kundan kada online. From heavy Kundan kadas that are perfect for special occasions to delicate ones that can be worn daily, there is a style to suit everyone. If you are looking for something truly unique to gift to a Bohemian bride, you can even have a custom kada made to your specification.

The cost of Kundan kada available online may vary according to the quality and craftsmanship of the kadas. Kundan kadas are a great way to express your love and admiration for someone special, so don’t overlook this unique and meaningful piece of jewellery.

A Broad-Banded Dazzling Kundan Heavy Maang Tikka

A broad-banded Kundan heavy maang tikka is a beautiful piece of Kundan imitation jewellery that any boho bride would love to receive as a gift. This magnificent piece comprises a broadband, studded with dazzling Kundan stones, that sits across the forehead and is fastened at the back with a hook. The result is a stunningly ornate headpiece that is perfect for making a statement on your big day.

Kundan heavy maang tikka can also be used in alternate hairstyles to create a range of different looks. Maang tikkas are often placed at the top of an updo or simply pinned into loose curls for a softer look. No matter which way it is worn, a broad-banded maang tikka will add instant glamour to any bridal look.

A Pair of Spectacular Dangling, Heavy Kundan Earrings

There is nothing a boho bride loves more than a pair of hanging, heavy Kundan earrings. These earrings are perfect for a bride who loves to be the centre of attention. Their dangling design will shimmer and shine in the light, and they make the perfect finishing touch to any wedding day look.

From intricately designed choker necklaces to heavily loaded statement pieces, Kundan earrings offer a blend of beauty and class.

The Kundan stones are durable and robust so they will withstand the test of time as you wear them. As fashion constantly evolves, these timeless heavy Kundan earrings remain elegant yet practical accessories to be passed down through generations in your family.

With a classic style, these earrings go with just about any bridal ensemble, so she won't have to worry about clashing with other jewellery she would be wearing. They'll shine through any photos, too!

A Peculiar Kundan Choker Necklace Set

A wide choker necklace is the perfect finishing touch for a boho bride's wedding day look. It's a statement piece that will grab attention and get people talking. If you want to make your bride happy, go for a Kundan choker necklace set with a striking design. 

The necklace is ideal for giving a traditional twist to your bride's ensemble, as it pairs beautifully with lehengas, sarees, and Anarkali. The Kundan choker necklace set also looks great with Indo-western looks, like a contemporary kurta-pant set. The variegated textures and designs of chokers are unique and create the perfect balance between modern trends and classic elegance.

When selecting a Kundan choker necklace, make sure the material and design complement your bride's dresses. A gold-plated alloy or brass choker is the ideal choice for a traditional look, while silver or white metal options work best for a modern wedding. If you want something vibrant, opt for a colourful, stone-studded choker.

Your bride will be delighted with her wide choker necklace, which is sure to take her ensemble up a notch and leave everyone spellbound!


No matter what kind of Kundan imitation jewellery you choose, it will be a thoughtful and unique gift that your much-loved bride will treasure forever. Pieces created in this Indian jewellery style are perfect for boho-chic brides or those with an eclectic fashion sense.

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea to make a boho bride happy, Kundan imitation jewellery is the way to go. From classic pieces like earrings and necklaces to more modern items like bracelets and finger rings, these Indian jewellery pieces will make your special someone feel truly pampered on her big day.

With its distinctive shimmer and intricate patterning, Kundan jewellery makes even the basic designs look majestic and elegant. Plus, with such affordable prices, it is easy to incorporate some traditional elegance into your loved ones’ big day.

So, when searching for the perfect gift ideas for a boho bride-to-be, remember that Kundan imitation jewellery is always a superb choice. Let this Indian jewellery help you show your appreciation for your beautiful boho bride today!