What are the Different Types of Kundan Jewellery Designs?

What are the Different Types of Kundan Jewellery Designs?

March 22, 2024

Kundan jewellery reflects the culture, treasured legacy and storied past of families. In the courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, it represented opulence and extravagance. Through the ages, this jewellery has evolved into a symbol of prestige and wealth in India's history. Currently, it remains a fashionable addition to women's attire, blending Western elements with elegance.

Now, let’s have a look at enchanting Kundan jewellery designs and how the Kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers make them accessible to all.


It would be irrational to speak on Kundan jewellery and leave out the marvellous necklaces. Whether the imposing Rani Haar or the subtle choker, the unique neckpieces exemplify skill and sophistication. Such Kundan necklace set wholesale items are suitable for every outfit and sophisticated bridal collection.

  • While Kundan necklace sets look ideal for weddings and formal occasions due to their grandeur and elegant appearance, they brighten any event.
  • Multiple designs are available for Kundan necklaces, and people may choose either sophisticated layered ornaments or simple single strings based on their preferences.
  • The blend of precious metals and the spark of the gem enhance the beauty of the jewellery, giving it extra allure.
  • Kundan chokers resemble conventional ornaments but with a modern twist, making them an exotic blend of old and modern-day fittings.


From statement jhumkas to steady studs, Kundan earrings highlight the tradition of India. They are intricately designed to match the elegance and complexity of Indian construction.

  • With different sizes and styles, one of the significant benefits of Kundan earrings is that they can be stylish with different faces.
  • These earrings are versatile, complementing various outfits and occasions, and effortlessly blend traditional and Western styles.
  • Ideal to wear in combination with other jewellery sourced from Kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers is a Kundan necklace as gorgeous as the earrings.

Maang Tikas

Maang Tika is another essential for Indian brides that is a fantastic piece of Kundan jewellery worn on the forehead. As the design structure is unique, it makes the entire wedding apparel graceful.

  • Maang Tikas symbolise the unity of two souls, adding a deeply meaningful touch to bridal attire.
  • They come in many styles, each designed to complement different face shapes, enhancing the bride's beauty.
  • Often worn with the bridal set, Maang Tikas integrate seamlessly, elevating the overall elegance of the wedding ensemble.

Matha Pattis

An additional piece to the Maang Tika collection, Matha Pattis are comparatively more ornately designed and garland the larger portion of the forehead. They have widespread usage, especially in traditional Hindu weddings, and are used to enhance the grace and charm of the overall bridal look.

  • For brides who want a more elaborate and traditional appearance, a Matha Patti is an ideal option. It covers a larger portion of the forehead and enhances the bridal look.
  • The bridal ensemble's grandeur is elevated by the majestic, glittering, and sumptuous touch of a Matha Patti, richly embellished with Kundan stones.
  • With their diverse designs, Matha Pattis can be chosen to reflect the bride's unique personality, ensuring that each bride finds a piece that feels tailor-made for her special day.


The significance of Kundan bangles cannot be understated, as they play the role of symbolizing marital bliss and are considered the most important part of Indian weddings. These bangles, expertly curated with extreme attention and care, are not merely ornaments but magical symbols of the bride’s journey of a new era and beginning.

  • The bangles always complement well with other Kundan pieces and create a nice complete set.
  • Women can wear it in sets or as single statement pieces, offering flexibility in styling for various occasions and preferences.
  • Kundan bangles come in many shapes and sizes, which means there is something for everyone and allows them to choose what they think looks best.

Kanhai Jewels and other Kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers are dedicated to bringing these transcendent designs to the wider public, ensuring the preservation and development of this old art. These dealers, who are committed to quality and authenticity, are the ones who have made Kundan Jewellery an inseparable part of India's cultural persona.


Kundan jewellery is big and rich in variety that can bring you special pieces for every important occasion and personal style. Whether it is about luxury weddings or simple parties, this jewellery has a unique form of eloquence along with cultural depth. And thanks to the best efforts of Kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers, these ornaments are going to outlive the ages to gift people worldwide the pride of the rich heritage of jewellery making in India. Among all these, Kanhai Jewels has been distinguished for its unique jewellery sets, including the renowned Kundan necklace set wholesale pieces that ensure accessibility to these magnificent works of art for everyone who loves them.