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Maharashtrian Jewellery: Uniquely Ethnic, Beautiful, and Full of Pride

April 11, 2023

Maharashtrian jewellery is a unique style that reflects the rich culture and heritage of Maharashtra. It's known for its intricate layouts, fine craftsmanship, and ethnic charm, making it a must-have in every woman's jewellery collection.

For those who are looking to buy Maharashtrian jewellery, there are plenty of options available in the market, and artificial jewellery wholesale is a great way to buy these traditional ornaments at affordable prices.

If you are a bride-to-be, Maharashtrian ornaments are an excellent choice for your special day. The bridal necklace set is one of the most popular adornment designs in Maharashtrian culture. These sets are usually made of gold or silver and are adorned with precious and semi-precious stones.

In this article, we will explore some of the most popular Maharashtrian jewellery, including the Thushi Necklace, Pearl Choker Necklace, Nath, Rani Haar, and Tanmani Necklace. We will also discuss how an artificial jewellery wholesale is an excellent option for those who want to buy traditional ornaments at reasonable prices.

So, if you want to learn more about Maharashtrian jewellery and its unique designs, keep reading!

Thushi Necklace

Thushi Necklace is a popular Maharashtrian necklace design that is known for its involved patterns and unique style. It is a choker-style necklace made of gold beads and a flat, broad pendant.

  • Thushi necklace sets are available in a wide range of designs and styles, and you can find artificial necklace sets online.
  • These ornaments are perfect for special occasions like weddings and festivals.
  • When it comes to finding a unique Maharashtrian necklace, the Thushi Necklace stands out as an exceptional choice.

The complex patterns and fine craftsmanship of these necklaces make them a must-have in your jewellery assemblage.

Pearl Choker Necklace

The pearl choker necklace is a popular Maharashtrian necklace design that features delicately crafted artificial pearls. With a variety of sizes and designs available, this artificial necklace is an excellent option for those who prefer costume jewellery. They provide an elegant and sophisticated touch to any attire, making them ideal for any occasion, be it formal or casual.

  • Apart from being a beautiful piece of jewellery, the pearl choker necklace also holds cultural significance in Maharashtrian weddings.
  • It is often worn by the bride or given as a gift to the bride by her family.
  • These necklaces are also popular among women as a gift for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day.
  • There are numerous artificial necklace stores online that offer top-quality pearl choker necklaces at reasonable prices.

With its affordability and wide range of designs, this artificial necklace is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add some Maharashtrian style to their variety of jewellery.


Nath is an exquisite traditional Maharashtrian nose pin that is a popular choice among women for special occasions. such as weddings and festivals. Over the years, the Nath has evolved and modern nose pin designs have emerged, catering to the changing tastes of the younger generation.

  • This item has gained popularity among women from other regions who appreciate its elaborate design and traditional significance.
  • It is not just limited to Maharashtrian culture.
  • Because of the wide selection of Nath and nose pin designs, it's simple to pick one that matches your distinct sense of style and personality and thus enhances the value of your jewellery range.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this unique and stunning piece of jewellery to your collection of nose pin designs.

Rani Haar

Rani Haar is an exquisite bridal necklace set that adds a touch of royalty and grace to any Maharashtrian bride. It is a long necklace design made of pure gold and adorned with complex motifs, making it a must-have for any bride-to-be.

  • This bridal necklace set is a symbol of tradition and culture, and its unique craftsmanship and designs make it stand out among other jewellery pieces.
  • The Rani Haar is a statement piece that can complement any outfit and add an aura of sophistication to the overall look.
  • The fine engravings on this bridal necklace set are a testament to the fine artistry of Maharashtrian jewellery makers.

From classic designs to modern ones, you can easily find a Rani Haar that suits your taste and style.

Tanmani Necklace

For women who love to wear long necklace designs, Tanmani Necklace is a perfect choice. It is a beautiful piece of jewellery made of gold with fine details and patterns that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

  • The necklace is designed to complement any traditional outfit and is perfect for weddings, festivals, or any special occasion.
  • Tanmani necklaces have long necklace designs that are versatile and can be styled in various ways.
  • You can wear it with a saree, salwar kameez, or any other traditional attire. The beautiful design and long length make it a statement piece that will catch everyone's attention.

Wearing a Tanmani necklace can make you stand out from the crowd and add a touch of glamour to any outfit. It is a great investment piece you will cherish for years to come. So, choose one out of the long necklace designs that suit your style and wear it with confidence to enhance your look.

The Upshot

Maharashtrian jewellery boasts a distinct style that radiates ethnic pride and charm. With a diverse range of traditional necklaces, nose pins, and bridal sets, there is something to cater to every occasion. Artificial jewellery wholesale is an excellent and easy way to buy these traditional ornaments at affordable prices, and you can discover artificial necklace sets online in a vast range of collections.

Whether or not you are a Maharashtrian, Maharashtrian Jewellery is a style that will never go out of fashion. Women who love ethnic jewellery will love these ornaments because of their rich cultural heritage and traditional designs.

Waste no more time to explore the world of Maharashtrian jewellery and add some ethnic charm to your jewellery assortment.