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Modern Jewelry Styles for Every Occasion

February 28, 2023

India is home to diverse cultures and we celebrate each and every festival with equal happiness and dignity. While celebration remains the main agenda, styling oneself is one important activity, especially for a woman. Whether it is a festival, a special event, or just a casual get-together, looking best is an important thing for her. 

Whatever is the occasion, wearing the right clothing and jewellery is the most important thing for any woman. While Indian ladies have a fascination for traditional gold jewellery, modern jewellery has also come in great demand these days.

Today, modern girls and even middle-aged women experiment with different modern jewellery options for different occasions.

Reasons to Choose different Modern Jewelry Styles for Different Occasions

Do you wear the same jewellery for a wedding and office? Of course not. There are reasons why people choose different jewellery for different occasions.

Displays your Personality:

One of the reasons why choosing the right jewellery is important is because it showcases your actual personality. While wearing traditional jewellery displays your gorgeous side, statement jewellery shows your simplicity. You may notice that there are many people who prefer to wear minimal jewellery and this shows their simplistic nature. On the other hand, there are some girls who may wear long earrings even for casual day outings and this displays their love for attention.

Defining Appearance:

The way you have got ready immediately explains the purpose or the occasion. Usually, when you are wearing flamboyant jewellery, it can be guessed that you are about to attend a wedding or similar occasion. Similarly, wearing small statement earrings with semi-formal attire denotes your visit to a corporate party.

No Common Jewellery Available:

The most common reason is that there is no such jewellery from any designer available as of now that you can wear for all occasions. Hence, you have to keep different jewellery options for different occasions. 

Choosing the Right Modern Jewelry for Different Occasions

While you may have a bunch of jewellery options available, it is essential to have the knowledge of choosing the right modern jewellery for the right occasions. Here are some factors that you can consider while choosing the right modern jewellery for different occasions.

The Event:

Often you may end up buying jewellery just by noticing how beautiful it is. So, you should recall the occasions that are approaching lately so that you can use the jewellery on the right occasions.

Set Your Fashion Statement:

While it is a great idea to go with the latest fashion and style, you should also try to set a particular fashion statement of yours. For example, if you are someone who loves to wear bangles, you can contact a bangles wholesaler to get bangles of different designs for different occasions. Wearing bangles for every occasion is again something that is going to make you different from others in the crowd.

Compliment your Outfit:

One of the most important things that cannot be overlooked is you need to wear jewellery that compliments your outfit well. You can always go for heavy earrings and necklaces when you are wearing Indian outfits. On the other hand, choosing designer bracelets is something that is perfect for not just Indian outfits but also casual or formal apparel. 

When you are looking for perfect modern jewellery that matches not just your outfit but also your persona on every occasion, then you need to check out the right place such as Kanhai Jewels. Here are some of the top most modern jewellery design ideas that you can try out for different occasions.

Pearl Embedded Silver Bangles for the Wedding Functions:

Bangles are an eminent part of any Indian dressing style. But if you do not wish to go with the age-old glass bangles or so, then you can definitely head towards the modern jewellery options to get options such as the silver bangles. These silver bangles with pearl beads on them are perfect to offer you a different look with your Indian attires such as anarkali suits or even with a saree. Also, you can match them well with indo-western attire such as a skirt or jeans with a kurta. Such a look fits perfectly in occasions such as a mehendi or sangeet ceremony of someone close’s wedding such as your friends or cousins.

Casual Silver Rings:

When you are getting ready for a casual outing or for a birthday party, you cannot opt for traditional gold jewellery as it may look over the top. The casual silver designer finger rings are perfect for such situations. You can choose from options such as an antique huge silver ring or a silver ring with mirror work and others for such occasions. You can compliment one of these rings with your casual outfits such as a pair of jeans and a top. If you are attending a birthday party, try out wearing an appliqued dress or a jumpsuit with an attractive antique silver finger ring to steal the show.

Bracelets for Semi-Formal Days:

There are a number of times when you have a day at work when you have to dress up well for some event. Of course, you cannot bring out your heavy jewellery options for this purpose. So, when it is time to go minimalistic yet attractive, designer bracelets are the perfect options to go for. If you are someone who loves to stay simple, you can always go for the cutout bracelets that are perfect for formal as well as semi-formal options.

But if you are looking forward to something for a lunch date or something similar, then you can try out the beaded bracelets that are a little eye-catchy. Pair these bracelets well with indo-western attire to complete the look for a perfect lunch date or a celebration day at the office.

Sparkle up your Festivities with Jhumka Earrings:

Any Indian girl or woman will find the look incomplete without an earring. If it is a festival, jhumka earrings are a mandatory thing. You can always look for traditional jhumkas online for festivals such as Karwachauth, Diwali, and others. These heavy jhumkas go perfectly with sarees, lehengas, or heavy salwar suits.

But if you are someone who loves minimalism, you can opt for the small-sized jhumka earrings that you can pair well with indo-western styles such as a pair of jeans and a beautifully embroidered kurta.

Whenever you are wearing jhumka earrings, make sure that you do not overdo your makeup. Just put some kajal and light lip colour and let the jhumkas take all the limelight. There are several options available today in the section of jhumkas such as oxidised jhumkas, silver jhumkas, mirror-work jhumkas, pearl-embedded jhumkas, and many others.

Statement Earrings for Parties:

Modern women love to wear statement earrings that are a combination of traditional as well as modern styles. Indo-western earring options are in great demand today for different parties and events. For example, wearing a long-fringed earring with a palazzo and crop top is a perfect option for parties. You can pair these earrings with a matching heavy necklace and a maang tika when you are wearing a saree or lehenga for your sibling’s wedding.

The best thing about statement earrings is that they are available in different styles, designs, and sizes. These are suitable for almost all party-like occasions such as a Diwali party, a corporate party at your office, a Raksha Bandhan get-together at your home, or so on. Just make sure to match it up with the right kind of dress and other accessories to get the correct look to make heads turn.

Everyday Jewellery:

You can opt for different light jewellery options for everyday wear, office wear, or even for vacations. Whether you are looking for earrings or bracelets, you can get ample light options so that you can wear them without hesitation. These are usually earring tops that can go with any casual or formal wear.

Other Modern Jewelry Options:

When you look out for modern jewellery, the list is endless. Today, most people prefer to go for modern jewellery made up of oxidised gold or silver because they are light in weight and are available in varied designs. Most importantly, these are available at a much more affordable price so that you can get a new one for all your different occasions.

Apart from bangles, finger rings, and earrings, you can also pick out many other modern jewellery options such as choker necklaces, anklets, and other options. Whether it is a celebration at your home, a party at your office, or festival season, you can always trust this modern jewellery and can match them well with Indian, indo-western, or even completely casual attire. Choose the right kind of minimalist jewellery options, and you can comfortably wear them with your formals at the office too.


Modern women love diversity and this has given rise to the demand for modern jewellery options. You can have different jewellery for all different occasions so that you can look different and unique.

So, it is time to pick your modern jewellery pieces now and get ready for different occasions and events in the most perfect way.