Look stylish in western earrings from Kanhai Jewels

Jewellery is one of a woman's most valued possessions, and it can enhance any outfit, whether classic or contemporary. Are you also looking for an accessory that goes perfect to your western outfit? If yes, look no further than our high-end designer Western Earrings collection at


Kanhai jewels.

Accessories allow us to express ourselves uniquely. Therefore, we have manufactured an unmatchable and unparalleled collection of Western designer earrings. Buy western fashion earrings online from our colossal curation of dangling earrings, western earrings, studs, pearl earrings, enamel earrings, and much more to make your personality shine.


Browse the finest range of western earrings at Kanhai Jewels

The artisans and manufacturers at Kanhai jewels always have a keen attention to all the customers' demands, requirements, and tastes. We constantly push our boundaries for Western earrings via advanced, innovative, and engaging designs. From our Artificial Western earring supplier online, you can purchase not only Western earrings but designer belts, necklaces, bracelets, nose pins, earrings, and much more to make an essential contribution to your fashion statement. It's high time to steal the show by purchasing the trendiest and most diverse range of Western earrings from Kanhai jewels.


Western earrings looks beautiful with every outfit

Forget settling with conventional looks; elevate to an unbelievable luxury shopping experience, whether it's a lavish dinner party, an intimate date night, or a relaxed Sunday. While Buying Artificial Western Earrings Wholesale, the Kanhai jewels provide you a service in which you can filter out your item as per the brand, material, color, size, occasion, price, and plating as well. Thus, oomph your chic outfit by indulging the handcrafted Western earrings from Kanhai jewels.




  1. I am purchasing a few pairs of Western earrings. Which mode of payment do you accept?

When you buy Western earrings, we accept the mode of payments, including Mastercard, Visa, Apple pay, Amazon pay, Paypal, and Paytm.


  1. What is the procedure for placing an order?

Shopping at Kanhai jewels is as easy as ABC; follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • It becomes easy to get the product if you know what you're after. If you don't, then our guides know your choices by selecting your desired ones. Keep your eyes on the Western Jewellery items available on the screen. Choose one and click on the option "Add to cart."
  • After collecting one or a few items in your cart, go ahead to purchase them. If you want to remove any item, you can delete it.
  • The mode of payment depends on you, and we also provide "Cash on delivery."


Is there any requirement for registration or making an account while purchasing Western earrings?

At Kanhai jewels, you can easily explore our valuable and eye-catching items without any registration. But to enable the shopping, you need to create an account which is very easy-breezy.


  1. How can I be sure the Western jewellery you sell is genuine?

As an authentic Western earring online supplier, we proudly sell all our items with 100% authenticity. Simultaneously, we do not say anything about an item purchased out of Kanhai jewels.


  1. I'm not sure which size to pick?

At Kanhai jewels, we always follow international sizing schemes. Go to the size chart and find your best size to know your dimensions.


  1. Is the color representation of products on the website accurate?

While we have made every attempt to display the colors of the Western earrings appear on the page as accurately as possible. But we cannot warrant that the color shown on your computer or screen will be actual, as computer monitors and electronic device screens vary.


  1. How can I tell if something is in stock?

If you see "SOLD OUT" below any item, it is understandable that this item is unavailable, and the rest are entirely available to all the customers.


  1. Are my credit card details safe at Kanhai jewels? Do you keep these details after the payment?

At Kanhai jewels, the safety and security of our clients are our priority. The technology we use is encrypted to make payments. Furthermore, we do not keep your card's information.


  1. When I add a new address, why do I have to re-enter my credit card information?

All our services are based on the safety and security of our customers. Thus, whenever you request to deliver your Western earrings to a new address, you must re-enter your debit or credit card information.


  1. How can I get rid of the credit card information saved on your website?

By following any of these two processes, you can easily remove your saved card details.

  • When you make your next payment, please unselect when your screen pop-up with notification of "Remember my payment."
  • Add or edit a new billing address.