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Experience Richness and Grandeur with Kundan Jewellery

January 07, 2023

Kundan jewellery is one of the most popular types of jewellery in India and is known for its intricate design and rich colours. The word "Kundan" means "pure gold" in Hindi. It is typically made of gold and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones.

Indian women often wear this Indian jewellery on special occasions, such as weddings and festivals. We often see it as a symbol of status and wealth.

Kundan jewellery is not only beautiful, but it is also very affordable. You can often find this ethnic jewellery at wholesale prices, which makes it a great option for those on a budget.

Here are some interesting facts you must know about Kundan jewellery. From its history and origins to the variety of Kundan ornaments available today, read on to learn more about this beautiful and unique jewellery style.

What Makes the Kundan Jewellery?

Kundan jewellery is made with Kundan stones, which are oval-shaped and have a flat back so they can be easily set in gold foil. Creating the ornaments is quite labour intensive, as artisans have to set each stone in gold foil individually. However, the results are worth it, as this Indian jewellery is truly stunning and unique.

Making these ornaments is an intricate process that involves many steps. These are:

  • First, prepare the metal base by pounding it into thin sheets.
  • Second, set the stones into the metal using a special type of wax.
  • The next step involves heating the entire piece until the wax melts away, leaving behind the stones securely set in place.
  • The artisans set the stones into the metal using a variety of techniques, including pressure-setting, beading, and engraving.

The History of Kundan Jewellery in India (H2 Tag)

Kundan jewellery is traditional Indian jewellery that dates to the 15th century. It was first created in the royal courts of India and was popular among the Mughal rulers. The ornaments were the most opulent and luxurious form of adornment.

Kundan jewellery reached its height of popularity during the Mughal period when gold and gems were used to create elaborate designs. The manufacturers still apply old techniques used to make ornaments today, and the craftsmanship involved is highly skilled. After the Mughals, the dignified families of India adopted this form of jewellery.

Jaipur in Rajasthan has been the centre of this jewellery since ancient times. Today, you can minute details of craftmanship and art from the Mughal and Rajputana eras. 

Popular and Exquisite Styles and Designs  (H2 Tag)

Kundan jewellery can come in many unique designs, from minimal and unobtrusive pieces to more decorative and elaborate pieces. One can find 3 main types of ornaments at ethnic jewellery wholesale stores, which include Jadau, Meena Kundan, and Bikaneri or Jaipuri Kundan jewellery.

  • Jadau Kundan jewellery is made of gold and studded with diamonds, emeralds, and other precious stones.
  • Meena Kundan is identical to Jadau jewellery, but instead of gold, it is made with silver and decorated with enamel work.
  • Bikaneri or Jaipuri jewellery is distinguished by its use of colourful stones and beads, as well as its intricate designs.

Elevate Your Style with Contemporary Kundan Jewellery

Contemporary Kundan jewellery is a beautiful fusion of traditional Indian techniques with a modern twist. The result is stunning, unique pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

Nowadays, this Indian jewellery is becoming increasingly popular with fashion-savvy women who appreciate its exceptional beauty. Many contemporary designers are creating stunning pieces that combine the traditional artistry of Kundan with a modern sensibility.

Ethnic jewellery wholesale suppliers offer a wide selection of contemporary jewellery. You can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, and rings made with polki stones. The jewellery offers a variety of different styles of jewellery, from classic to modern.

Places Where You Can Find Abundance of Kundan Jewellery in India

People often pass down Kundan jewellery from generation to generation and is a popular choice for bridal jewellery. You can discover it in many places in India, including jewellery shops, online stores, and special events such as weddings and festivals.

Some of the most popular places to buy Polki jewellery in India include Rajasthan, Delhi, and Mumbai.

  • Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a northwestern state of India and is home to many traditional jewellers who specialise in Kundan jewellery. If you plan to visit Rajasthan, be sure to check out some of the local jewellers for their latest designs.

  • Delhi

Delhi is another city in India where you'll find several reputable jewellers who sell Kundan ornaments. Jewellers in Delhi often have an array of designs to choose from, so you will find something that suits your taste.

  • Mumbai

Mumbai is also home to several jewellers who sell this Indian jewellery. It is a good place to shop for Kundan jewels if you're looking for the latest designs and styles at affordable rates.

Besides, there are also many online retailers that sell polki jewellery. When purchasing the ornaments, it is important to consider the quality of the gold and gemstones used. Ensure to purchase from a reputable source so that you can get high-quality pieces.


If you're looking for something unique and beautiful to add to your jewellery collection, Kundan jewellery is definitely worth considering! Kundan creates a stunningly sophisticated look that can be dressed up for any special occasion or worn simply as everyday jewellery. It's no surprise why it has endured through centuries, still captivating its admirers with its exquisite beauty today!

When shopping for this traditional jewellery, it is important to look for a reputable ethnic jewellery wholesale seller who offers high-quality products. Traditional pieces can range from simplistic designs to very ornate ones with intricate details that require a skilled artisan to create them.

Besides, look for Indian jewellery sellers who are open about the origin of their pieces so you can verify their authenticity, especially when purchasing rare or antique jewellery. Buying through an established ethnic jewellery wholesale store may also guarantee quality assurance and certain protection for your items, such as warranties or certifications on certain products.