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Get Ready to Shine This Festive Season with Authentic Indian Kundan Jewellery

January 07, 2023

The Indian festive season is a time of year that people eagerly anticipate. One of the many reasons for this joyous occasion is the beautiful, traditionally worn Indian Kundan jewellery.

Kundan jewellery has long been a favourite choice during this season and it remains so even today. It is a type of traditional Indian jewellery that is made of polished and cut stones. Kundan earrings, Kundan necklace sets, and Kundan choker sets are some of the popular pieces of the jewellery. The ornaments are usually gold or silver-plated and often have colourful stones, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires set in them.

From exquisite Kundan bangles sets to lavish neckpieces, let’s find out more about these beautiful and intricate masterpieces, and why they are so loved among women everywhere.

Add a Mystique to Your Look with Patrani Kundan Beads Pearl Earrings

There's something about Kundan jewellery that makes it so special and unique. Perhaps it's the luxurious and regal look it has or the fact that Indian royalty has worn it for centuries. Whatever the reason, this Indian jewellery is always a stunning addition to any outfit, especially during festive occasions.

One of our favourite Kundan pieces is divinely designed Patrani Kundan beads pearl earrings. This Kundan earring set features lustrous pearls and dazzling Kundan stones set in gold-plated metal. Patrani beads are a type of glass bead that is extremely popular in India. They are set with freshwater pearls and adorned with crystals, making them truly sparkle.

Whether you’re attending a wedding or a Diwali party, this Patrani Kundan Beads Pearl Earring set is a perfect choice to brighten up the entire ambience of the event.

Get the Perfect Boho Kundan Look for Your Big Day

Boho Kundan wedding jewellery is an excellent way to glam up your big day. These pieces are usually loose and flowy, with intricate details that make them truly stand out. 

The most popular pieces are a Kundan necklace set and earrings often made with sparkling stones. Bracelets, anklets, and body jewellery are also popular choices for a bohemian-style wedding. Kundan maang tikka, pendants and rings also make great statement pieces for a boho bride looking to walk down the aisle.

Most Boho-styled ornaments are crafted in traditional hues like gold and silver, with some modern twists like rose gold or black metal. You can mix them up to create the perfect balance of edgy elegance that speaks to your bohemian soul. When it comes to accessorising your special day, there's no better option than stunning, one-of-a-kind Indian jewellery.

Make Your Festive Outfit Pop with a Stunning Kundan Maang Tikka

A Kundan maang tikka is a stunning piece of jewellery made from gold and high-quality stones. This beautiful statement piece features a large Kundan stone in the centre, surrounded by smaller stones and gold details. The stones are set in a metal frame and attached to a gold chain.

This Kundan maang tikka will be the highlight of any traditional festive outfit. The stunning design with colourful stones perfectly captures our multi-hued culture and tradition as no other jewellery piece can. Its easy wear and lightweight features make it a must-have for a contemporary look with an ethnic twist.

Wear this Kundan maang tikka with your hair pulled back to show off the stunning design. Besides, you can also pair it with some matching jhumkas or a captivating necklace for the ultimate festive look.

Experience the Royal Guise with Ajmer Kundan Set

The beautifully designed Ajmer Kundan set features a necklace, earrings, and a Kundan bangles set, all crafted with intricate work. The necklace comprises several strands of beads, each set with a different type of stone. The earrings are simple studs or drop earrings, while the bangles are often elaborately decorated with Kundan work.

The bold colours, intricate details, and unique shapes make this Indian jewellery set an elegant statement piece that you can easily incorporate into any outfit or ensemble. Aside from its aesthetic qualities, the Ajmer Kundan set is believed to bring good luck and health to all who wear it.

Traditionally, men also wear this type of jewellery at weddings as a symbol of commitment towards their partner while women often wear them during festive occasions, such as Diwali or Holi celebrations. This timelessly classic yet modern style has been around for centuries in India, but it remains on a trend today with various hues employed by artisans even though the motifs remain unchanged throughout time!

Make an Impression with Kundan and Blue Pearl Choker Necklace Set

Kundan jewellery is synonymous with Indian weddings. Be it the bride or her guests, everyone sparkles in Kundan on the big day. Kundan and blue pearl choker necklace sets are in vogue. This Kundan choker set is handmade with traditional techniques and features stunning blue pearls.

The necklace comes in a range of sizes and will look great with both traditional and modern attire. You can also pair this Kundan choker set with chandelier earrings for a complete look. The Kundan adds a unique sparkle to the set, which is sure to make you feel glamorous and special.

Since the necklace is crafted traditionally so it does not require extra maintenance apart from occasional cleaning with warm water and wipes after wear. It stands out among all other sets because it makes perfect wedding attire for the bridegroom’s family members and the bride herself!


Kundan jewellery is steeped in grandeur and has been a vital part of traditional Indian weddings for centuries. It is perfect for expressing one’s emotions and making a striking impression on any festive affair. The redolent beauty of this Indian jewellery lies in its decadent design, the lustre of its precious stones, and the unique patterns it adorns.

Kundan jewellery forges ahead to remain a timeless classic and an integral part of many Indian brides' wedding trousseaus even today. With modern innovations, designers have given a contemporary spin to this age-old art form, making it more accessible to fashion-conscious women everywhere.

Indian jewellery is a perfect way to add dazzle to bridal outfits or special occasions and continues to outshine all other options available today. Be it Patrani beads, boho samplers, maang tikkas, or Ajmer sets, the choices are endless. Thus, we can say Kundan jewellery has become synonymous with Indian royalty, elegance, and charm–ideal for anyone who wants to create a lasting impression!